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Outdoor and Social is branded “massively important”

Chris Bishop, from Vango, branded Outdoor and Social as “massively important” for the outdoor Industry.

Held at Newfold Farm, Edale, in the Peak District, Outdoor and Social is a three-day outdoor learning event which began on Tuesday, March 12.

Chris said: “We are here to network with all of our retailers and to demonstrate a lot of our products and make sure that people are up to speed with what we offer and all our ranges. We’ve got an extensive range of products. And we’ve got the biggest range out of any of the brands here. We’ve got a couple of our distribution brands here as well, we’ve got two food brands, got one of our cooking brands as well. So, you know, we’ve got an awful lot to share and an awful lot to show people. We just want to make sure that everyone’s on the same page and up to speed with everything.

“This event is massively important to the industry. It’s fantastic to get everyone together in one place. There’s a lot of stress on the industry to get around and see everyone all throughout the year and to bring everyone into one place like this, in a fantastic environment and landscape is great. To get everybody in one place is really key for the industry to finally be doing this.”

Outdoor and Social is providing workshops and practical sessions designed to increase knowledge and confidence in outdoor products and skills through experience.

Delivered under the guidance of brands, experts and professionals it is completely free of charge to all retail staff and aims to help all retailers and their staff deliver better information to the consumer.

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