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Body Armour New Zealand

Body Armour New Zealand have been designing and producing rugby headgear and protective apparel for more than 20 years now. These are designed and developed by a close-knit team in New Zealand who work at grass roots to understand the changing challenges that rugby players face. This ensures that we create product at the forefront of technical innovation and quality. We also manufacture in our own dedicated factory in New Zealand to ensure the products are produced to our exacting high standards.

Our superior made headgear and shoulder vests are proven market leaders that are copied by many other brands. Body Armour uses technical fabrics and materials for our range of protective items to give the wearer the best and most comfortable fit, ventilation and protection from knocks and bruises.

The highest quality chemically cross-linked impact absorbing foam is used for our padding with a standardised density. Lesser quality foam can contain “fillers” which reduce protection. The nylon and polyester fabrics used are breathable and able to transfer moisture away from the body.

The shoulder vests are close fitting, using super stretch polyester /spandex to minimise impact on players movement. The cut of the sleeves makes arm movement for binding and jumping easier. The bias-cut design details also prevent the vests from riding up.

We produce position specific protective vests as we recognise the different needs players have. Full coverage for front row specialists, longer vests with a specific arm cut for line out jumpers as well as lightweight vests for backs.
Our Ventilator headguard has been the choice of many professional and amateur players for years now. This is the world’s bestselling headguard as it is renowned for its fit, comfort, looks and most importantly protection. A recent leading university study of all leading brands of headguard concluded that the Ventilator was “best in class” and the one most likely to prevent a concussion injury.

Since launching in the UK under the Body Armour New Zealand branding in 2019 the brand has grown quickly. Retailers stocking the products report that the Ventilator continues to be the number one selling headguard in the market.

Offering a core stock service on six colours of the Ventilator Headguard and 5 colours of the ever-popular Club Headguard as well as 4 styles of shoulder pads, we make life easy for the retailer. A very low carriage paid order threshold of £100 allows the retailer to top up as and when required eliminating the need for forward order forecasting and guessing.
Seasonal prints on the Ventilator headguard are also offered to enhance the range and brighten up the offering for those players looking to stand out a bit more.

We are consistently approached by professional players globally who are looking for the best protection they can get. When your career depends on avoiding serious body and head injuries as much as possible you want the best products on the market. We supply leading international professional players around the world who wear our products by choice rather than wear inferior products for sponsorship reasons.

For 2021 we will continue to offer our core stock service on our best-selling lines. 2020 has been a tough year in sports retail with amateur sports unable to be played. Being a contact sport rugby was particularly hard hit. 2021 will see players back with renewed enthusiasm for the game. Our core stock service allows the retailer to carry a basic stock of rugby protective wear and they can top up as they require more. This results in a lower stockholding and improved cashflow which will be vital to any retailer going forward. This offering ensures you can supply all types of rugby player with the exact protection they need.

Our New Zealand factory is continually developing new innovative products to help protect players worldwide. We are at the edge of all technological advances in design and materials and will be developing new products as well as enhancing existing ones throughout 2021.

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