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Brits crave adventure as they ditch traditional holidays this summer

BRITS make up for lost time, as UK holidaymakers seek new experiences and active holidays to embrace outdoor passions this summer while foregoing the traditional relaxation trip abroad, a new study has revealed.

According to a new survey of 15,000 UK adults carried out by Decathlon UK as part of the Decathlon Activity Index, 59% of Brits crave new experiences.

It’s evident that after two years of travel restrictions, not even the cost-of-living crisis can hold back Brits’ adventurous spirit, with a further 42% of Brits revealing that they would like to see more of the world and travel this holiday season.

1 in 3 Brits place hiking, trekking and active pursuits as one of their top holiday activities for summer 2022, closely followed by water sports for 1 in 4, and mindful holiday activities, including meditation and yoga (20%).

It’s the youngest holiday makers, the 18–24-year-old Gen Zers, who are leading the charge on the adventurous holiday trend. More than half (52%) are seeking an active holiday this summer.
Half of this age group specifically cited being ‘cooped up indoors’ during the pandemic as a driver for their desire to plan a more adventurous holiday this summer.

Frances Sue, Decathlon UK’s Head of Brand, said: “It’s reassuring to see that the nation has not lost its adventurous spirit, with new experiences and seeing more of the world topping the holiday checklist this year. It’s even more reassuring to see that Gen Zers, having lived through turbulent times during their pivotal ‘coming of age’ years, have not had their sense of adventure held back with arguably the best years still ahead of them.

“It’s clear we’ve moved away from the traditional two-week beach holidays, and we want more from our time off – and why not? We can combine our passion for the outdoors with holidaying, and it’s clear that Brits are keen to broaden the traditional concept of ‘a holiday’ when seeking more adventurous trips. Whether travelling in the UK or abroad, holidays give us an opportunity to get out on the water, hit the trails or climb a mountain – today’s holidays are about much more than just ‘rest’.

“Clearly the pandemic has been a catalyst to making every moment count and living our best lives – especially on holiday – and Decathlon is perfectly placed to help make your adventurous ambitions become a reality this summer.”

Decathlon has more than 45 stores in the UK and sells a variety of sports equipment, clothing, and accessories perfect for those who want to get active, try out new sports or forms of exercise or simply lead a healthy lifestyle.

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