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COROS Wearables, What is the story.

COROS Wearables first came to attention back in 2014 with the successful funding of their Kickstarter campaign for their product line of smart bicycle helmets, but since then the company has ventured into the growing categories of adventure and performance sports, launching GPS sports wearables designed exclusively for the end-user in mind.

Ben Clark, COROS’ UK Marketing Manager highlights one of the differences between COROS and other GPS wearable brands, “whilst almost anybody can use our watches, we’re more suited towards the performance sports categories of running. Whereas more lifestyle-centred brands offer a fuller ‘city-friendly’ experience with features like Pay, Music, and even Uber notifications, COROS instead focuses on providing customers with a performance-training tool which can help them train to be their best.

By stripping out all of the not so useful features (i.e. you don’t need a digital wallet when running Marathon Des Sables!) we’re able to focus on not just making the basics the best they can be but also dedicating a lot of time and resources to performance analysis features like SpO2 & Running Power, as well as machine-learning algorithms which can better understand an athlete’s training.

The shift away from ‘lifestyle features’ also allows us to create longer-lasting and faster-responding devices which are also available at more affordable price points as seen in the PACE 2.” This clear segment definition has also meant that COROS has been able to focus on what the end-user really wants which in most cases is performance analysis, a simple UI/UX, durability, and battery life.

Part of COROS’ growth strategy has been to clearly define and cater to the segments of track, trail, and ultra running – which Ben says “has led to a unique and rapid growth for COROS, and which has potentially also captured many of the previously forgotten customers that Garmin and Suunto have left behind in their quest for more ‘lifestyle/smartwatch’ market share.”

Eliud Kipchoge sporting the PACE 2

COROS’ growth is also attributed to the commitment of its Global Pro Athlete and ambassador teams, some of which include Eliud Kipchoge, Emma Coburn, Des Linden, Emily Infeld, and John Kelly – many of whom contribute to product development as well as use the products in their day-to-day training and races. Ben says “the feedback we get from our athletes and ambassadors together also with COROS being an agile and growing company allows us the unique ability to feedback on their experience and bring these new product improvements out almost instantaneously to improve the UI and UX for their future race or training”. COROS have won several industry-leading awards for their product software and hardware including Runner’s World Gear of The Year Awards, Wearables Sport Watch of The Year Award, Country Walking Gear of the Year, recommendations from T3, TechRadar, DC
Rainmaker, RedBull, COACH, and many more!

Some of the key features of COROS watches include:

Wrist-based running power

– This is the ability to measure estimated power without any additional accessories.
– Brings wattage power to running analysis to better measure perceived energy output.

Structured workouts and training plans
– This allows the user to create or download, and follow instructional exercises from some of COROS’ pro athletes and coaches. Pick from over 200 pre-installed cardio and strength workouts or simply make your own!

Record-breaking battery life and weight saving
– COROS VERTIX has the longest-lasting native battery life on any GPS watch on the market, lasting up to 150 hours on a single charge making it the perfect ultrarunner’s watch. – COROS PACE 2 is the lightest GPS watch on the market, weighing just 29g with Nylon band making it an ideal training partner for road and track running.

Track Run Mode
– COROS’ patent-pending Track Run Mode allows a user to input the distance of a track as well as what lane they’re running in to get the exact pace, distance, and time scores instead of relying on GPS plotting which can often be hugely inaccurate.

Activity Profiles
– Pick from over 30 activity profiles including watersports and snowsport modes
– Breadcrumb navigation tracking allows users to follow a pre-loaded GPX route on the COROS watch when training or racing in unfamiliar locations. Real-time information on heading, elevation and alerts are available to help users stay on track and get back on course if a turn is missed.

The VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch provides the features and durability you need to take on even your dreams’ grandest expeditions. The longest battery life, extreme durability and altitude acclimation assistance make the VERTIX your go-to choice whether your plans call for a backyard hike or a Himalayan summit. The VERTIX also offers the ability to switch to touchscreen usability making it easy to operate in whatever environment or setting.
The VERTIX’s main selling point is its battery life, lasting up to an incredible 150 hours on a single charge which makes it the longest-lasting-battery of any GPS watch ever, and able to last for the entire duration of the 6-day Marathon des Sables in the Morrocan desert!

Ben says COROS has big plans in 2021 both in terms of product releases, marketing, and huge retail growth throughout the world as well as the UK with the recent news that COROS is now stocked in Wiggle, ProDirect, Cotswold Outdoors, RunnersNeed, and Snow+Rock.

Exciting times ahead, watch this space…!
In the UK&I, COROS is managed by Ben Clark, and distributed by 2Pure Distribution:

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