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Goal Zero – YETI X: Power. Anything. Anywhere

From the mountains to deserts, far-flung cities to your own garden, and even at home, Goal Zero can power anything, anywhere.

Goal Zero are innovative providers of portable power, and with their versatile line of YETI X power stations, off-grid power and the freedom to live life on your own terms has never been so easy.

Whether exploring by vehicle or on foot, being untethered from the mains with a YETI X gives you the ability to get out further and stay out longer. Anything can be powered anywhere: from laptops to power tools, camping lights to fridges, and with a user-friendly digital interface, you can keep track of the percentage of power and hours/minutes remaining in your YETI X. Not only this, but you can track power at your fingertips with the YETI® Mobile App 3.0. The YETI App lets you monitor, control, and optimise power usage from virtually anywhere. You can track battery level, monitor power input and output, and turn ports on/off all from the palm of your hand! The newest version of the YETI App features historical power tracking with data charts to let you see energy usage over time and charging profiles to optimise your battery life. Choose from Performance, Balance, or Life Preserve mode, or customise your own charging profile to suit your precise power needs.

Whilst the internal technology of the YETI X line has been designed for optimised performance, the exterior too has been designed optimally for durability and ruggedness for the outdoors. Goal Zero do not use flimsy plastic casings; instead, all their products are produced with metal casings that are designed to withstand the test of time and are built to last. Always putting safety first, YETI X power stations are also designed with five levels of safety and only include Tier 1 batteries. On top of this, a two-layer construction protects from overvoltage and short-circuiting.

The YETI X range consists of six power stations with the main difference between the models being power capacity, as well as varying power outputs. From compact to heavy duty, the YETI X line can provide power that suits your needs and is fit for purpose, allowing you to stay switched-on and charge your gear on-the-go.

Starting with the most lightweight power station to date, the YETI 200X delivers the latest fast-charging technology in a compact, ultra-portable design. Whether you’re headed out for a few days or the whole week, you’ve got the perfect amount of power to keep your essentials charged from door to destination and back again.

With over double the capacity of the YETI 200X, the YETI 500X will keep your whole family charged during any adventure or outing. Designed to pack 20% more power into a 20% smaller and lighter shell than its predecessor, the 500X is perfect for longer camping trips, off-grid projects, or on-the-go power in case of an emergency. It powers phones, laptops, cameras, drones, lights, portable fridges, and more.

If you’re looking for the most versatile sized power station, the YETI 1000X can run all your essential devices as well as being big enough to power larger devices such as fridges, TVs, and grills, and is portable enough to pack in the car and go with you anywhere.

Goal Zero’s best-selling YETI 1500X now comes with even more power and a bigger inverter to let you tackle any project, indoors or out. The new 2000W AC pure sine wave inverter allows you to confidently run anything you need to get the job done. Power off-grid events, work sites, studios, base camps, essential circuits in your home, and more, with the YETI 1500X.

Moving up another notch, the upgraded YETI 3000X now includes the new 2000W AC converter size, able to power your life at home or on the road. Five versatile port options allow you to run everything from power tools and air conditioners to electric bikes and wood-fired grills. Power vans, trailers, workshops, essential appliances in your home, and more!

The YETI X line ends with Goal Zero’s highest capacity power station to date. Equipped with 6000 Watt-Hours of lithium power, the YETI 6000X is built for the big stuff. Power parties and events, summer houses or cabins, and run power-hungry appliances indoors and outdoors for days. A wide range of powering options with seven versatile ports, including two industry-leading 2000W AC ports, means you can run anything you could from a wall socket.

YETI X power stations are battery powered which means there is no need for petrol of other fuels. As a result, there are no toxic fumes, no distracting noises, and no disruptive vibrations emitted during operation and are therefore safe to use indoors as well as outdoors.

The batteries themselves are composed of Lithium-ion NMC – a cell chemistry engineered for high performance, giving you safe, efficient, and dependable power when off-grid. With no maintenance necessary, the only thing your YETI needs is to be charged up, ready for the next adventure. Plug into a wall socket, create your own power generator system with a Goal Zero solar panel, or use the YETI Link Vehicle Integration Kit, which uses your vehicle’s alternator to input up to 700W whilst on the move.

If the quality, performance, and design of the YETI X line wasn’t impressive enough, for 12 years, Goal Zero’s ambition to power anything anywhere has simultaneously empowered communities. Goal Zero prioritise disaster relief and humanitarian missions by providing homes and schools in at-risk communities with safe and resilient portable power and continue to cultivate this ethos within their innovation and technology.

Over its lifetime a Goal Zero YETI X costs 30% less than popular petrol-powered inverter generators, as they store and consume power as needed to maximise power output. Investing in a YETI X will help you power through your next big adventure, be it out in the field or on the move.
Power anything anywhere, with Goal Zero.


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