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HARVEY – over 40 years of clear and detailed mapping for outdoor adventure.

With over 200 titles and growing, HARVEY is the mapping of choice for Mountain Rescue and for outdoor navigation events like the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon).
The Superwalker XT25 series is the core around which the HARVEY reputation has developed. These 1:25,000 scale maps remain hugely popular offering a map that is clear and easy to read.

The British Mountain Maps, produced in conjunction with the British Mountaineering Council, Mountaineering Scotland and the British Geological Society, are at the magic scale of 1:40,000, which is perfect for combining map clarity and good area coverage.

The national trails of the UK can be found on the Trail Map series. These maps use a panel format to cover a whole trail on one sheet and the route is highlighted to make it simple and easy to follow*.

The newest addition to the HARVEY range is the tiny Ultramap with its super-big ego! At less than two thirds the size of a folded conventional map they are small and light enough to fit in your hand and pop in your pocket.

In addition to the core products, HARVEY have used their mapping to create the addictive and challenging MAZZLE map jigsaw and also map playing cards for the armchair map experience.

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*routes over 100 miles will be covered by additional sheets

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