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ING Source began with its roots in consulting for product design.

OS1st – Part of the ING Source Family

ING Source began with its roots in consulting for product design, development, and manufacturing for consumer goods and medical devices within the health and wellness industry.

Today, the company is a highly respected name in health and wellness products – manufacturing and marketing proprietary orthopedic and vascular supports. ING products are “makING life better” for health, wellness, and fitness.
ING Source holds several patents and is the creator of the innovative OS1st brand products.
Our distributor partners continue to grow in numbers, now including sports and medical companies in the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Norway, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan to name just a few.

How do Rugby players benefit from sports support?
The high-impact nature of Rugby creates a need for support and joint stabilization for the player. The idea behind sports supports is to create an external support system that aids anatomy to meet the player’s demands and prevent damage from overuse or injury. The added benefits offered by OS1st Brace Layer System are subtle and important. The absolute requirement for optimal circulatory system performance is supported by the compression in our products. And on top of that, OS1st products can reduce damage from micro-tears which lead to cramps, fatigue and soreness for a slower recovery time.

Which are OS1st’s most popular products for support and why?
Our #1 selling sports support is the FS6 Performance Foot Sleeve. This was our first product designed with COMPRESSION ZONE TECHNOLOGY™ and it has proven to be an extremely effective treatment for Plantar Fasciitis.
The new KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve is showing early signs of being another top product. We have solved the problem of knee braces that migrate and slide down during movement while still providing accurate, proper & totally wearable support. And the CS6 Performance Calf Sleeve is a best-in-class recovery and support product that leads the competition.

What is special about the OS1st range?
All of the OS1st Brace Layer System products feature COMPRESSION ZONE TECHNOLOGY™, which transforms a medical-grade compression sleeve into a bracing device. No other braces are made this way. We invented a brace that features compression as part of its design and the compression levels do not lessen during activity as happens with straps and Velcro-closure devices. We have revolutionized the concept of a sports brace. Only our patented design concept offers truly breathable, moisture wicking fabrics! The ultra-thin, yet powerful construction provides wearable, playable support, protection, performance and recovery benefits!

New Products?
We are excited to have just launched our newest product in the OS1st Brace Layer System. It is our QS4 Performance Quad Sleeve that, like our knee sleeve, will offer a bracing product that stays in place while the athlete is performing and moving. Even more significant is that the new QS4 Performance Quad Sleeve will have a built in ITB support zone to prevent and treat Illio-Tibial Band Syndrome. Totally breathable, lightweight, powerful upper leg support unlike any other product on the market.

How does the OS1st range help the Rugby community?
We are very used to seeing Rugby players wearing all types of supports, taping and strapping to provide relief and possible protection from knocks, strains and injuries. Our range of thin, lightweight, moisture-wicking performance sleeves provide perfect fit-to-body therapy and recovery against the stresses and strains young and old Rugby players experience.
Young players have embraced the concept of compression and wear it frequently. Our bracing sleeves are the perfect hybrid of compression and orthopedic support so young Rugby players will consider it part of their essential gear without considering that they are wearing a bracing device. The wearable, ‘playable’ nature of the OS1st Brace Layer System means more wear time thus greater results.
There are many chronic and all-too-common conditions that Rugby players are likely to deal with eventually. In addition to Plantar Fasciitis in the foot, shin splints, Achilles Tendinitis and leg cramps are very often identified as recurring issues in the foot and leg. Knee pain and patellar tracking issues are common along with hamstring and quadricep muscle damage.

What is the full range?
Product Number of Zones of Compression Available Colours
FS6 – Performance Foot Sleeve 6 Black, Natural, Pink, Yellow & White
CS6 – Performance Calf Sleeve 6 Black, Natural, Pink, Yellow & White
FS6+ – Performance Foot & Calf Combo Sleeve 11 Black, Natural, Pink, Yellow & White
PS3 – Performance Patella Sleeve 3 Black
KS7 – Performance Knee Sleeve 7 Black
QS4 – Performance Quad Sleeve 4 Black
ES3 – Performance Elbow Sleeve 3 Black
WS6 – Performance Wrist Sleeve 6 Black & Natural

Where can we buy OS1st?
A number of marquee, specialty sports retailers are stocking the item, as well as being available on our own website at

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