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Innovative designs from LP Supports for this summer

The summer season is upon us meaning consumers are more active, participating in sports and generally enjoying the great outdoors. With this increase in activity and exercise, muscles and joints are subject to higher levels of strain, increasing the risk of injury.

Consumers now understand the importance of better protection and injury prevention while they exercise. Purchasing a support will be at the forefront of consumer’s minds this summer. It is important retailers meet consumer needs and demands by stocking good quality supports.

The sports industry leader, LP Supports, is the most widely used and recommended brand of braces in more than 60 countries. Putting over 20 years’ experience into practice, LP Supports has introduced innovative technology and designs into its range.

Ideal for the warmer months, the LP Extreme range features CoolPrene technology. Developed by a dedicated team of medical consultants, the supports contain a series of grooves and vents that work together in a revolutionary pumping action to regulate excess heat and sweat to enhance comfort. The material and structure of the supports promote circulation, reduce pain and tightness and increase joint flexibility and agility.

The LP EmbioZ series offers seamless compression designs to enhance sports performance and provide optimal comfort. Designed to improve coordination and increase endurance in athletes of all levels, the innovative thermoregulatory system helps manage moisture and heat to maintain ideal body temperature and optimal wearing comfort, again ideal for summer.

Distributed by the well-known Trans-Global Sports Ltd, based in the university city of Oxford, benefit from outstanding customer service and next working day delivery with the buying season just around the corner.

For more information on the LP Supports brand call 01865 714620, email or visit

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