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On releases its 2023 Impact Progress Report

The report outlines On's progress towards its north star - to build a fair and inclusive future, driving progress on circularity and renewable materials

Swiss sportswear brand On unveiled its comprehensive 2023 Impact Progress Report.

The report not only highlights the strides the company has taken and tracks its progress, but also illustrates its commitment to continuous improvement, acknowledging the challenges faced and showcasing the initiatives set up to drive progress on social and environmental impact.

As a front-runner in sustainable sportswear, they are committed to driving positive change in the industry. This commitment is reflected in their latest impact progress report, where On outlines a series of expanded and more ambitious goals to better address the increasing scale of their operations and the heightened expectations of stakeholders. The report also details how the company is redefining its impact strategy and investing in its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) team and initiatives to deliver a more significant impact on people and the planet.

Their revised Sustainability strategy is guided by 24 clear and measurable external goals, along with multiple internal goals, all designed to drive real impact. ​ Included in these are 12 foundational goals that lay the groundwork needed to make the company’s broader impact ambitions possible.

These foundational goals are inspired by what the company refers to as the Athlete Spirit, which is a constant pursuit of discipline, improvement, and feedback to better oneself. As they continues to grow, the company is committed to strengthening its foundations to adapt to its growth and ensure robust governance.

Built upon this strong foundation are three pillars where On believes it can be one of the leading brands in the industry and make the most difference.

  • Social Impact – uphold human rights and ensure ethical workplace standards everywhere On operates.
  • Material Innovation – continuously innovate to reduce the environmental impact of the materials and processes used in On’s products.
  • Circularity – design long-lasting high-performance products and develop various programs to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

With its foundational goals at the core, their Sustainability strategy is ideally positioned to drive meaningful, lasting change via its three primary pillars.

Begüm Kürkçü, Global Director of Sustainability at On: “This report highlights the innovative strides we have taken, and tracks our progress, helping ensure we remain on the path of continuous improvement. It sets the stage for the future as we pledge to step up our game and push the boundaries of what is possible for sustainable sportswear. We know that having a positive impact is not just about meeting the challenges of today but anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Together with our stakeholders, we will continue to drive progress, ensuring that our growth benefits both the planet and the communities we serve.”

Several key achievements made since 2022 and are highlighted in the report as well as updates on how On is making progress on its longer term goals.

On is committed to reducing carbon emissions across its business and is making good progress towards reaching its longer-term goals. In 2023, there was a 30% decrease in absolute emissions from owned operations, and a 17% absolute emissions reduction across the entire supply chain compared to 2022. This occurred despite the company’s continued growth in 2023.

On’s social impact initiatives and policies are designed to give everyone in On’s teams, facilities, and communities the opportunity to thrive. ​ In 2023, On continued to work closely with its partners to build safer workplaces, cleaner supply chains, and move away from coal. Today, 100% of On’s existing Tier 1 suppliers have stopped using coal as a direct energy source. In 2023, all of On’s Tier 1 suppliers underwent independent audits, and the details of all active Tier 1 suppliers were posted on the On website. Additionally, the company expanded its updated Responsible Manufacturing Blueprint across the supply chain and introduced an updated Workplace Standards Monitoring Program for all Tier 1 supplier partners, which includes an improved social scoring system.

In addition to On’s ongoing work with suppliers, the company also initiated several workplace programs for On teammates. In 2023, On launched Inclusive Leadership sessions, which all leaders at On are required to complete. The program covers topics such as conceptualizing diversity, inclusion, and equity at On, challenging biases in the workplace, and demonstrating the behaviours of an inclusive leader.

The third pillar of On’s social impact strategy focuses on empowering communities. Right To Run, is the company’s flagship social impact program, that supports organizations that protect and preserve their community’s fundamental right to run and move. On empowers the community to drive change while using its platform to tell their stories, increase awareness, and spark global change. The program continues to grow, spreading its impact around the world. Today, it encompasses 26 global partners who have received over $1 million USD in grants and benefited from more than 27,000 product donations.

Embedding circularity into our processes, designs and business models has always been key to our mission. At the forefront of our design approach is the consideration of the pre-use, in-use, and post-use phases of our shoes and apparel. On regularly pilots new business models that advance circularity and tests to innovate circular processes and products. This includes resale opportunities, product subscription services, and paths for consumers to close the loop when their products reach the end of their life. On’s strategy focuses on Cyclon™, its subscription-based circularity program, and Onward™, its pilot re-commerce program. Since 2022, On has made positive steps towards a circular business model including the expansion of the Cyclon Circularity program and introduction of fibre-to-fibre recycling via the Cloudeasy Cyclon.

The Report concludes by outlining future priorities, which will continue to be built upon in 2024 and beyond. These include expanding the company’s positive impact in areas such as water reduction, microplastics, biodiversity, logistics, and its downstream supply chain. Additionally, they are preparing for advancements in chemical recycling and waste management, while also working on a net-zero roadmap which will guide its efforts beyond 2030.


  • Full 2023 Impact Progress Report: click here

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