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Runderwear™ was launched in 2013 by the award-winning technical running sock company; RunBreeze™

Founded in 2009 by two runners, Jamie Smalley and Richard Edmonds, at Loughborough University; RunBreeze™ has designed and manufactured a successful range of Running Socks and Compression wear for runners. The company has close ties with its Co-Founders Running Club and all development is done through the extensive product testing by real runners within their club. This has led to the technical running socks receiving rave reviews in specialist running press and the awards have followed; winning best Running Sock in Womens Running Magazine, Best Compression Sock in Mens Running Magazine and Best Value Running Sock in the UK in Athletics Weekly to name a few.

Fast forward to 2013 and Runderwear™ was launched at the London Marathon Exhibition to a great reception. “From the start of the business we wanted to design and manufacture the world’s best underwear for Running, Fitness and Sport” says Smalley. “For many years we travelled around the world looking at the best options for seamless production and began product testing as we did with our range of socks.” Edmonds tells us: “There wasn’t a product we could find in the market that solved the problem of what underwear to wear whilst running. So we set out to solve this problem.”

Making the Uncomfortable, Comfortable.

Runderwear™ is designed using 360 degree seamless technology construction to give you the ultimate comfort levels you need.  The moisture wicking transport system removes moisture from your skin quickly helping you to retain optimum body temperature where you need it most. Runderwear™ turns the uncomfortable into comfortable; achieving freer, faster movement.

• 360 degree seamless technology construction
• Moisture wicking transport system
• Ergonomically designed, moving with your body
• Increased core temperature control
• Runderwear™ fabric is lightweight, durable, with consistent fabric return

The Future of Runderwear™

Runderwear™ is excited to announce new colour options in its range whilst also increasing the options in fits and styles on both the Mens and Womens ranges. The belief at Runderwear™ is that all runners deserve to be at the highest levels of comfort when they perform. Whether you are aiming to win an Olympic Final or improve your own Personal Best – everyone can benefit from Runderwear™. Product development is currently taking place in sports ranging from Rugby to Football and Hockey to Tennis to create the most comfortable first layer an athlete can rely on. Smalley says: “The passion and drive is to be the best sports underwear in the world. We have a commitment to focus in this area and not treat it as an added extra in our range – this is our range.We believe to become the best athlete in the world takes focus, discipline and dedication; and we are taking this approach to our Runderwear™ range.”

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