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Six Peaks has Outdoor clothing and equipment covered

Launching with 25+ SKUs, this brand offers the most innovative ‘on-trend’ Outdoor products available on the market. From thermal gloves, neck warmers, phone holders, running vests, lanterns, torches and power banks, we have the products and pricing in place to elevate market share for Outdoor inside the world of Retail. Tested to the highest standards and independently analysed for quality and consistency, Six Peaks is the best brand for any outdoor enthusiast.

Reydon are now working hard to rapidly increase our product offering in order for B2B customers to capitalise on the market trends. Outdoor, walking, running, hiking, camping and even cycling; all areas we’re continuing to develop into. Retail friendly packaging, competitively priced, along with marketing content for customers is something we’re focusing on heavily in order for customers to excel both online & in store. Much like with any brand at Reydon Sports, our objective has ALWAYS been to provide the world of independent retail with products and brands they can trust and capitalise on. We are both a wholesaler and a sourcer of new products, something we feel is a USP for Reydon and essential to our company mission.

Who is currently stocking Six Peaks and how is the brand achieving penetration within the world of retail? Our primary markets are the UK & Ireland and the brand is now trickling into sports and outdoor stores. ENTIRELY a B2B operation, Reydon trusts our pool of retail partners to make the waves ‘for us’ to the end consumer.

The mission at Reydon Sports continues to be to supply the world of independent retail and provide products, brands, pricing & digital content support day in day out. Without Retail growth there is no B2B wholesale. Six Peaks is just one of the many brands under the Reydon umbrella that we continue to grow month by month. Start your journey with Six Peaks & Reydon Sports today…

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