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Swimtech makes waves from the front!

Part of the Reydon Sports group, Swimtech, established in 2014, is centred primarily around the ethos of Open Swim & Water Sports must-have products available for any environment. Launching with a minimal amount of basic product SKUs, the 20+ piece brand now offers the most innovative ‘on-trend’ Water Sports products available on the market. From Parka Robes & Ponchos to Goggles & Swimsuits, we have the products & pricing in place to elevate market share for Open Swim & Water Sports inside the world of Retail. Rigidly tested to the highest standards and independently tested for quality and consistency, Swimtech brand for any swim enthusiast.

Outdoor swimming-related Google searches has almost doubled in the UK & Ireland over the last year and were 90% higher in 2020/21 than as seen in 2019. Owners of swimming venues reported a remarkably HUGE demand for attendees once establishments were allowed to open again earlier this year and saw much higher swimmer numbers than in previous years. Overall, the Outdoor Swimmer Magazine estimates that participation in outdoor swimming grew somewhere between 1.5 and 3 times in the UK in 2020 compared to the previous year. That inevitably has had an impactful influence on sales opportunities & demand for retailers!

Swimtech, a respective brand for Reydon already existed and over the last 6-8 months we have worked hard to rapidly increase our product offering in order for our B2B customers to capitalise on the market trends, despite retail doors being closed for a considerable period at the start of 2021. Open swim, post-swim, rehabilitation, parka robe solutions; all areas the brand had never explored before but were clearly in huge demand. Retail friendly packaging, competitively priced, along with marketing content for customers is something we focused heavily on in order for customers to excel both online & in store. Much like with any brand at Reydon Sports, our objective has ALWAYS been to provide the world of independent retail with products & brands they can trust and capitalise on. We are both a wholesaler and a sourcer for new products, something we feel is a USP for Reydon and essential to our company mission.

Who is currently stocking Swimtech and how is the brand achieving penetration within the world of retail? Swimtech has been circulating throughout the UK & Ireland for a number of years in local sports stores and is a pure B2B brand, much like the entire operation at Reydon Sports, relying ENTIRELY on our pool of customers to make the waves ‘for us’ to the end consumer. Closure of leisure centres in particular is when market & product demand for Swimtech was something that was majorly apparent and included requirements from customers that simply couldn’t be overlooked. The likes of both Sport AND Outdoor-based stores are now becoming majorly interested in growing their open swim & water sports ranges.

What is next for Swimtech? In order to continuously enhance the retail support we offer our customers, the marketing team at Reydon Sports have been working around the clock these last 18 months to generate masses of Digital Marketing content that is FREE for our customers to utilise in order to drive further retail sales. GIFs, VIDEOs, lifestyle & product imagery, all available at the click of the button for a number of our brands, ready for customers to share on social media & e-commerce platforms; something we knew was imperative to the world of online retail throughout the pandemic. Suddenly a simple pair of goggles or a poncho now has content available for our customers to share in order to sell the product further in the most uniformed & professional light. We are also continuing the innovation of the brand and are constantly looking to further develop industry-leading products.

Our social media, launching December 2021 will allow retailers to share their own Open Swim/Water Sports marketing campaigns that Swimtech can repost and send followers in the right direction for purchase. We have a number of high profile sporting athletes & lifestyle influencers that will act as ambassadors for the brand, showcasing products and going LIVE with takeovers on a frequent basis.

The mission at Reydon Sports continues to be to supply the world of independent retail and provide products, brands, pricing & digital content support day in day out. Without Retail growth there is no B2B wholesale. Swimtech is just one of the many brands under the Reydon umbrella that we continue to grow month by month. Start your journey with Swimtech & Reydon Sports today…

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