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TORQ Performance Nutrition now available at Reydon Sports!

A UK based company supported only by scientific research, TORQ Performance Nutrition is a range of delicious fuelling (energy), hydration and recovery products suitable for ALL sporting intensities, perfect for ANY type of multi-sport retailer.

Established in 1999, TORQ has its roots firmly entrenched in fitness consultancy, education, and performance coaching, helping athletes maximise their potential. TORQ is research-driven, not marketing-led, and this is key to their philosophy.

TORQ constantly review the latest sports science research and use it to formulate superior, high functioning products than any other brand in the market today.

As part of their ethos, TORQ use only the purest and most potent natural ingredients and where possible, products are both vegan-friendly and certified Organic by the Soil Association. TORQ do not use chemical sweeteners, nor artificial colours and when it comes to flavours and textures, performance nutrition has simply never tasted this good!

From football, netball, and hockey, to tennis, badminton, cricket and swimming, TORQ’s comprehensive range of fuelling, hydration and recovery products gives your customers the tools they need to meet and exceed their goals.

For recommendations on which TORQ products to consume and when to consume them, based on 4 specific sport types, please see the guidelines on the Reydon website. Click Link

From Energy Bars and Gels to Flapjacks and Recovery drinks, Nutrition has been a category Reydon have been extremely eager to explore long term… and finally now IN STOCK, we are super proud to have partnered with all-natural TORQ Performance Nutrition.

Available to buy in compactly sized Presentation Packs in order to minimise space and maximise Retail intake margin when selling individual units.

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