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We have designed a range of sports glasses to cover all the requirements of professional and amateur

Eyepod eyewear, are opticians that over the last 30 years have specialised in sports and safety glasses. Especially for those who need a prescription.

We have designed a range of sports glasses to cover all the requirements of professional and amateur sportsperson.
As opticians we have designed our products not just to be stylish but to take into account the optical properties required to keep clear vision at all times, while doing sports at speed.

We can cover ALL prescriptions, in fact or strongest so far was an elderly gentleman who was about to give up his beloved cycling after 50 years as his vision was so poor he approached lots of companies but no one could offer him glasses, because his prescription was minus 23.00. We managed to make him a pair of our Hawk glasses and got him back out on the road again.

The big difference with us and our competition is you can call or email us and speak to an optician direct to discuss your optical requirements and receive advice as to which product would suit you and your prescription.

Our products:

All our products are available in
Single vision
A single lens great for distance use
A lens with two focal length and we can set the reading for the perfect distance to read a garmin Varifocal We use a sports technology lenses to give a really wide visual area for doing sports at all speeds and giving clear vision at all distances.
We offer a large range of different indexed lenses for slimming and decreasing weight of lenses Transitions lenses for a lens that changes to the light Polarised lenses for increased clarity and decreased glare Tint lenses of any colour

The Hawk frame is a fully wrap around prescription frame blocking out all wind and fully reducing light for a full 180 degree vision. It comes with 5 interchangeable lenses, including revo mirror, polarised and amber low light lenses, to cover all light conditions, this product we are able to keep adapting for different requirements and have recently added two new low light polarised lenses. These are great for reducing glare and highlighting contrasts of light and shade and giving more definition on low light conditions.

The Breakaway frame has the prescription built into the frame and has the unique click system making it easy to change different coloured lenses to suit different light conditions. Fully wrapped effect, but still available for all prescriptions.

Feel free to contact us to find out more

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