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Winning the retail race

Born out of a frustration of managing a retail and wholesale sports business and spending too much time on admin and not enough on selling, Brightpearl was founded in 2009 by Chris Tanner.  

Chris established Brightpearl on the principle of helping retailers thrive and grow by utilising easy to use, integrated business software to cut down on admin, save time and sell more.

It’s tough out there as a retailer, with a need to adapt to changing consumer habits; it’s hard to make a business successful with just one sales channel. In fact, research suggests multichannel retailers can generate up to four times the sales per customer of companies that rely on only one channel and up to 2½ times those of companies that use two channels. However, selling across multiple channels isn’t easy – in fact, it’s pretty complex.

That’s where Brightpearl comes in. Brightpearl helps you sell everywhere your customers are, so you never lose a sale and its back office suite of functions means your business is always in sync – from your sales and stock all the way through to accounting.

Brightpearl includes all your sales channels – whether in-store EPoS, online webstore and marketplaces as well as telephone-based sales – and combines them into one web-based business management system. Brightpearl back office functions cover sales order processing, stock control, purchase order management, CRM and accounting, meaning your whole business is in sync and acting like a well-trained team.

The start of 2012 has seen some significant extensions to the Brightpearl product, including the ability to bring eBay sales directly into Brightpearl, as well as adding in Magento as a supported webstore. Both products are so tightly integrated any price change in Brightpearl will reflect online in real-time and anything sold via those channels will immediately be updated into Brightpearl, meaning you never sell something you don’t have in stock.

With Brightpearl’s routes heavily entwined in the sports retail industry, the company knows what the issues are for retailers and believes it has created software to help you win your race in 2012.

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