1FitLife launches online instructor training to help clubs deliver rock star performances on screen

Digital workout specialist, 1FitLife, is training fitness instructors across the UK to deliver ‘rock star’ performances to match their in-club experience on screen.

The one day ‘Presenter Bootcamps’, which take place at the 1FitLife studios in Bournemouth, teach very specific skills instructors need to convey personality online, through tone, pace, pitch and emphasis, helping instructors deliver on-brand, impactful classes on demand.

The ‘Presenter Bootcamps’ kicked off with a bespoke workshop on behalf of David Lloyd Clubs, with 46 of its instructors attending. The sessions focused on the instructors’ online delivery of David Lloyd’s six signature classes over a three-day period.

The bootcamps are available to operators as well as individual fitness professionals wanting to expand their knowledge and experience, and the training can be adjusted to include specific operator brand direction, content and styling requirements.

Anna Langridge, Director of Production said: “Being a successful fitness/group exercise trainer in a club, doesn’t necessarily make you a good trainer on camera. It’s more important than ever that an operator’s on demand offer stands out from its competitors, and should always go above and beyond what someone could access for free online.

“Being in a film studio is unfamiliar territory for many fitness instructors and our practical workshop is designed to give people the confidence to work successfully with a full film crew in a studio.”

The ‘Presenter Bootcamps’ are hosted by Anna Langridge, who has been in the production and fitness industry for 20 years and has been directing on demand workouts for the last seven years. Langridge is supported by the 1FitLife production crew who, day-to-day, produce meaningful on-demand videos for clients including Slimming World and David Lloyd Clubs, as well as providing fitness models, post production and marketing support to bring digital fitness content alive.

The new ‘Presenter Bootcamps’ combine a mixture of skill learning and practical sessions, allowing instructors to demonstrate what they have learnt in front of the camera and crew.

Langridge said: “Common mistakes inexperienced presenters make include shouting, over talking and instructing instead of communicating their personality through the lens. Our workshops teach a fitness instructor how to deliver a class direct to a camera, understanding how to use different cameras to connect at the right time, where to stand, the importance of choreography, set, personal styling, and how to successfully demonstrate the equipment/exercise to an audience who will have very mixed ability.

“The most important skill we teach is how a presenter can connect and show authenticity with the end user through a camera. It’s no good just knowing which camera to look into. The real challenge for presenters is to build trust and credibility and be able to really connect on a personal level, even though they are not physically present with their audience.”

Kate Slee, who attended the 1FitLife Presenter Bootcamp, said: “I’m an experienced fitness presenter of nearly 20 years on big stages around the world, and I still learnt so much! Teaching on stage is so different to teaching to camera, and what the workshop teaches you helps with both! Anna has extensive knowledge in the industry and knows what presenting style will suit what product and company. Throughout the workshop we were given clear examples and breakout sessions to help us develop our skills specifically for presenting to camera. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone, no matter what their experience is. You leave feeling inspired and much more confident as a presenter.”

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