24 hour event with Salomon supported by 1000 mile

24 hour event with Salomon.

On the 3rd. march this year, four runners set out with the new S Lab Phantasm shoes at the Lee Valley Athletics Track in North London with the aim of running for 24 hours, in hour stints. Each athlete completed 6 separate sessions with a 3 hour break in between – a true test of mental and physical endurance.

With the help of Ultimate Performance and Pulseroll providing all physiotherapy and massage requirements for warming up and recovery, the four runners completed the mammoth task covering 363.6KM in 909 laps. Each runner (Matt Rees, Ricky Lightfoot, Ali Lavender and Abi Woolaston) ran well over 2 marathons each whilst completing this epic race of endurance and stamina.

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