5 Most Sustainable Running Shoes Brands In The UK

Shopping for a new pair of running shoes can be challenging. There is so much that you need to consider before settling for the perfect shoe. Your choice should be comfortable, fit your gait, your running style, and of course, serve you for a while. Searching for good running shoes becomes even harder when you narrow down your choice to sustainable running shoes.

However, as much as sustainable fashion brands have seen rapid growth, there is still a lack of eco-friendly running shoes. Check out the new sportsbook at Lottoland UK and learn more about sports.

Below is a list of sustainable running shoes to help you find your perfect shoes. The footwear is made with running in mind, and as such, they provide real support.

Allbirds Tree Dasher
The Tree Dasher is Allbird’s first incursion into the world of running shoes. You know Allbirds for their minimalist and high-performance shoes.

The shoe company has used the first-ever carbon-negative green EVA that includes natural material like sugar cane for the sole and merino wool and eucalyptus tree to make the shoe’s upper part. Furthermore, they have natural traction pads to ensure that you have stability regardless of the weather condition.

The shoe emits only 9kg CO2e during the production process, which Allbirds offsets, turning them into a carbon-neutral shoe. With this in mind, the Tree Dasher is an excellent option in your search for sustainable running shoes.

Tree Dasher is ideal for daily running, workouts and you can even wear sneakers everyday. Moreover, they have shoes for both men and women and come in multiple colours.
On Running
On Running shoes are designed for performance and have a variety of models to fit different gait and shoe preferences. On’s uses technology to continuously improve their manufacturing process and materials for their environmentally friendly running shoes.

And other than On’s being lightweight and grippy, the shoes are also good-looking, and they fit a variety of running styles and gait types. If you are looking for a pair of sustainable running shoes in the market, On Running is a great option, especially since they don’t use any animal glue or materials and are entirely vegan.

Another highly recommended sustainable running shoe brand is Vivobarefoot. They have a barefoot style and have sustainability in mind in every part of the running shoes. They ensure that they source their materials and everything else responsibly. For instance, if using leather, they source their leather from wild roaming cattle and sustainably tanned hides.

Their source of materials minimizes water and chemical use in an ordinarily energy-intensive process.

Vivobarefoot also exploits sustainable materials, including recycled PET, rubber, natural yarns, and cork.

They aim to make running shoes that generate zero waste and have no adverse effects on the environment and communities involved in the production process.

Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles
These running shoes are made with sustainable materials and are entirely carbon neutral. The design is best suited for runners who run regularly in wet and rainy conditions.

These running shoes are perfect for rainy climates since they use ZQ merino wool for uppers, a fluorine-free waterproof coating that doesn’t absorb water.

The Wool Dasher Mizzles have a grippy sole made with FSC® Certified natural rubber treads and a Comfortable SweetFoam sole to ensure that you never slip.

They also have reflective highlights all around them to make you visible and keep you safe. This is attributed to the fact that rainy conditions usually coincide with low visibility.

Allbirds also has a mid-height sock around the top for more protection against the elements.

Merrell Moab Flight
The Moab Flight running shoes from Merrell are packed with eco-friendly features. Merrell does not use any animal product to make the Moab Flight shoes, making them animal cruelty-free.

The shoe is 100% recycled laces, 70% recycled mesh, and a 50% recycled EVA foam insole.
Moab Flight running shoes are best suited for trail running. They have a Viabr EcoStep sole made from 30%recycled materials, Grip™ rubber outsole, and a rock plate for protection on the rugged trails.

And even with the strong support, Moab Flight shoes are relatively light. They weigh 460g and offer excellent arch support.

If you are a trail or country runner and looking for eco-friendly running shoes, Merrell is the ideal choice. They come in different variations for both men and women.
If you are in the market looking for a pair of sustainable running shoes, these are fantastic options. It doesn’t matter if you are into running shoes made from recycled materials or completely vegan running shoes. Whatever your preference, the above choices have you covered.

Additionally, these shoes are great options because they come in various styles, high performance, water repellent, and extra grip for running in the rain. And if you are running on rugged terrain, you can easily find the perfect running shoes for you.

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