6EZ Group partners with PlayerLayer as part of new ‘Girls Belong’ campaign

6EZ Group has announced an exciting new collaboration with sportswear company, PlayerLayer, as part of a female sport initiative aimed at breaking down barriers for women and girls in sport.

The new partnership will see PlayerLayer become the latest partner for 6EZ Group’s Female Athlete Health and Performance Programme (FAHPP), with performance period-wear brand, Iceni, and contact sport impact vest, Zena, now being featured on PlayerLayer’s retail channels.

6EZ developed the Female Athlete Health and Performance Programme to help break down the barriers that women and girls face when it comes to playing sport at all levels. It brings together a number of female-centric brands and products as well as providing education and insight to enable performance at both elite and grassroots level. The new partnership with PlayerLayer coincides with the brand launching a new female sport campaign, ‘Girls Belong’.

The Girls Belong campaign is centred around encouraging young girls to participate in sport by creating an environment where everyones belongs. PlayerLayer recognises that one such barrier revolves around sports kit in schools, where self consciousness and in particular, body consciousness can get in the way of development into sports for many young people.

This campaign aims to alleviate that experience for young girls by designing products focused on function and fit, and collaborating with specialist brands such as Iceni and Zena to further enable girls in sport.

Simon Bristow, Managing Director at 6EZ Group said: “We created the Female Athlete Health and Performance Programme to be an enabler for women and girls that want to enjoy sport at all levels. It’s designed to not only break down the barriers in female sport but also provide education and insight for everyone, so the best way to achieve this is to partner with brands that share the same values when it comes to female sport.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with PlayerLayer and helping to grow the Female Athlete Health and Performance Programme. The partnership will mean that thousands more women and girls can benefit from the programme through the brand’s new Girls Belong campaign.”

Sophia Sommella, Sales Operations Manager at Dreamsport, said: “At PlayerLayer, we believe that belonging is one of the most powerful elements in sports. The Girls Belong campaign is about championing female voices and recognising the barriers women and girls face in sport.

We are thrilled to be partnering with 6EZ Group who are leading the way in female-focused performance products. Together, we will bring female sport forward and provide a platform for women and girls to access products that will make a difference.”

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