adidas brings together Alessia Russo and David Beckham ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

adidas has unveiled a one-to-one conversation between Alessia Russo and David Beckham in the lead up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™, covering a range of topics including Russo’s excitement about the competition, David Beckham’s experiences at major tournaments and how Russo has inspired Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven.

The pair met up behind the scenes of Russo’s pre-tournament shoot for their sponsor adidas, with Beckham sharing some valuable insight and wisdom about what it is like to play in a World Cup, as well as his admiration for the ‘infectious talent and passion’ Alessia and her team continue to show.
The conversation covers a range of topics including:

Russo’s famous back-heel goal
Russo: “I don’t even know where it came from… That’s one thing that made the summer so incredible. Every player felt like they could play with that freedom, instinct and show a bit of personality which, in a major tournament seems quite daunting.”

Inspiring the next generation, including Harper Seven
David: “Obviously, the conversation this morning was about me meeting you and getting your autograph – which of course I must do after by the way. But for you to inspire a new generation of footballer’s – boys, girls, and my daughter, I want to say thank you for that. Enjoy it. It’s going to be the most amazing moment of your life landing in Australia and New Zealand and just knowing you have a whole nation behind you, supporting you.”

How women’s football has changed since Russo’s childhood:
Russo: “When I was a young girl, if I wanted to go and watch my idols growing up like Kelly Smith, you had to physically be in the stadium to watch her. I probably didn’t really think I could be a full time professional, until I was about 18, just because of the nature of the women’s game at that point.”

Who Russo is hoping to come up against at the tournament:
Russo: “The US have such a rich history in women’s football and to meet them at the World Cup would be incredible. Also, the hosts, Australia – I know how special it felt having a home Euro’s and they’ll be feeling that.”

The exclusive conversation follows the launch of adidas’ new campaign to celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup, with Russo and Beckham appearing in the film together alongside a star-studded line-up including Jenna Ortega and Lionel Messi.

The film is available to watch here.

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