adidas launches X CRAZYFAST – engineered to unlock speed in all moments of the game

adidas has revealed the X CRAZYFAST, their latest boot release packed full of ‘AERO’ innovations built to unlock speed in all moments of the game.

The new boots launch in three distinct models – ‘P+’ and ‘P1 Laced and Laceless’ – which together offer best-in-class speed-focused technology to those playing at all levels of the game.

For the in-stadium player, such as those competing at this year’s FIFA Women´s World’s World Cup 2023, the pinnacle laced P+ is their lightest version for optimal speed, representing the ultimate level of innovation for those at the peak of their game. The X Crazyfast was developed using insight and testing input from an equal gender split of contributors – from professional athletes to grassroots players – to ensure that everyone who plays the game can benefit from its performance benefits.

The P+ model is complemented by the X CRAZYFAST laced and laceless P1 models, which both feature lightweight advanced technologies adapted for footballers of all levels, across varied price points.

Mahsa Aryan, Global Category Director at adidas Football footwear, said: “The modern game is centred around speed and quickness to win the ball against your opponent. Players must think fast, and react even faster, which leaves no time for distractions. The X franchise, and everything it offers, has therefore become increasingly important considering the modernisation and increase in speed of football played today.
“Offering a full suite of X CRAZYFAST models helps footballers at all levels – whether that be those competing on the world’s biggest stage or local park pitches – in the fastest moments of the game, to be their best.”

The hero of all X CRAZYFAST models is an update to adidas’s innovative SPEEDFRAME sole plate technology. The update includes a replacement of the previous carbon version with a new AEROPLATE insert that makes the overall plate 5g lighter. This update provides optimal comfort and responsiveness, while retaining the same design features for propulsion and dynamic movement, with the stud design built to optimise traction during rapid acceleration.

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