adidas unveil series of 3D printed statues to support gender equity in sport

In what’s set to be major year of sport, adidas is driving its innovation forward to better serve the needs of women athletes with its biggest ever commitment to women. As part of this commitment, today, adidas unveils a series of statues immortalizing the changemaking women leading its Bra Collection campaign, to highlight the push for greater representation of women in London.

The launch follows research which found that London has more statues of men (21%) and animals (8%) than it does of women (4%). To increase representation of women in London and inspire the next generation of changemakers, adidas has created eight statues celebrating women who are helping to create a better, more equal future for women and girls in sport.

Celebrating some of the UK’s most influential, inspiring, and iconic talent in the world of sport, fashion and culture, the statues include:

• Vivianne Miedema – Arsenal footballer
• Eniola Aluko – Footballer, and commentator
• Francesca Brown – Footballer and CEO of Goals4Girls
• Ellie Goldstein – Dancer and model
• Emily Scarratt – Rugby player
• Tanya Compas – Youth worker and activist
• Asma Elbadawi – Basketballer, poet, and activist
• Sherrie Silver – Dancer, choreographer, and U.N. Advocate

The statues will stand at South Bank, under Tower Bridge for two weeks before being moved to long-term placements and have been 3D printed using a specifically manufactured 3D printing product made entirely from sustainably recycled marine farmed waste plastics.

The new adidas sports bra collection launched on February 9th, following extensive research which highlighted how inadequate breast support leads to movement-related breast pain in nearly half of female respondents, whilst over 90% of women have been reported to be wearing the wrong size sports bra. Working closely with leading breast biomechanics research institute, University of Portsmouth, they found that if breasts are not properly supported during running, they experience the same G force as an F1 driver and could undergo potentially damaging skin stretch.

Using these insights, adidas set out to redefine its current offering and create a range of sports bras that deliver added comfort and better fit, enabling more female athletes to participate in sport and experience the benefits it brings. The new collection features Everyday bras designed for lounging and gentle movement, Studio bras for yoga, Pilates and other low-to-mid intensity activity, Train bras designed to provide enhanced support during HIIT classes and more intense sport or training and Run bras that offer the highest level of breast support in the collection.

The SS22 Bra Collection is available worldwide on the adidas website, in stores and via the adidas app.

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