AIS research confirms performance benefits of 2XU compression tights

Just over 12 months after its exclusive appointment as the Official Compression/Research & Development Partner of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), 2XU has been handed a series of powerful results from the first studies conducted by the AIS exclusively on its compression tights.

Conducted by the AIS recovery team over a period of six months, the studies investigated the effects of 2XU’s compression tights on performance and recovery.

Carried out in state of the art AIS facilities independent of 2XU, researchers put highly trained cyclists to the test across different key indicators, including performance, heart rate, blood lactate, soreness and thigh girth.

AIS scientists were impressed with the performance of the 2XU compression tights and unveiled the following key findings:

• Improved performance in a 30-minute cycling bout when wearing 2XU compression tights.

•Significantly lower heart rate during cycling when wearing 2XU compression tights.

• Improved ability to maintain performance in a second cycling bout when wearing 2XU compression tights for recovery,

• Greater reduction in blood lactate concentrations while wearing 2XU compression tights during recovery.

• Decreased swelling in the thigh following wearing 2XU compression tights for recovery.

• Perception of leg-muscle soreness less when wearing 2XU compression tights for recovery.

AIS recovery physiologist Matt Driller was particularly pleased with the significance of the 2XU compression study.

“Based on the results of these studies, we would recommend that athletes can improve their performance during 30-minutes of high intensity cycling by wearing 2XU Elite Compression tights,” says Driller.

“Furthermore, the results suggest that athletes are able to maintain repeat cycling performance when wearing 2XU compression tights during a short term recovery period.”

“As the first official study we’ve carried out exclusively on 2XU Compression garments, we’re pleased with the findings. With another two years of this partnership ahead, we’re looking forward to commencing some more equally significant projects with 2XU Compression.”

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