Alabama’s Dylan Lonergan becomes latest ambassador for pioneering wearable tech company KYMIRA

KYMIRA, the wearable infrared performance clothing brand, has today announced 4-star quarterback Dylan Lonergan, as their latest brand ambassador.

Lonergan, 18, is an incredibly exciting prospect and an extremely talented multi-sport athlete. In January this year, Lonergan enrolled at Alabama Crimson Tide where he plays both American Football and Baseball.

Renowned for his big arm, Lonergan plays as two of the most demanding positions in the respective sports, quarterback and pitcher, making him one of the most exciting and versatile prospects within the college circuit. While committing to Alabama, Lonergan has now joined KYMIRA to help him balance the dual-sport disciplines as effectively as possible.

The partnership will see Lonergan use KYMIRA products as part of his training and recovery. Celebrating the launch of its new activewear range, the ‘Legacy Project’, KYMIRA products are designed to help athletes enhance performance, accelerate recovery and reduce the chances of injury.

Working with a host of impressive clients already, such as England rugby internationals Jonny May and Henry Arundell, Lonergan’s signing demonstrates KYMIRA®’s commitment to help athletes and clubs both domestically and globally, with partnerships with American Football and baseball teams also part of their client roster.

All KYMIRA Sport products are powered by infrared technology, absorbing the body’s heat and transforming into full-spectrum infrared energy, which is then transmitted back into the wearer. Benefits include increased respiration efficiency; increased tissue oxygen levels; pain relief; energy production; muscle relaxation; and thermoregulation, all of which can aid, support and enhance human performance and recovery.

Dylan Lonergan, said of the partnership: “It’s been great coming onboard with Kymira. I’ve noticed a big difference in recovery post workout and in my sleep routine. This has really helped with getting used to the college schedule both on and off the field.”

Founder and CEO of KYMIRA Tim Brownstone added: “We’re ecstatic to have Dylan on board as an ambassador. To see someone thrive so much across multiple sports is a rarity and we know the next few years are going to be incredibly important to him. We’re on hand to help with his recovery and performance and we’re thrilled to be part of what we believe could be an incredibly exciting journey.”

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