Amazfit GTR 4 & GTS 4 now compatible with adidas Running

Amazfit, a leading global smart wearables brand owned by Zepp Health, a health technology company, has released the Zepp App firmware update version 7.1.0. This new update integrates support for the adidas Running app, allowing Amazfit’s newly-launched GTR 4 and GTS 4 to sync activity data to adidas Running.

Users can instantly check sports performance data on their Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4, which will be synced to the Zepp App upon completion of their workout. From there, and once their Zepp App account and adidas Running account are connected, users will be able to share sports data like distance, duration, speed, start/end time, and so on, to the adidas Running community.

The new Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 are built for users who lead an active, fitness-focused lifestyle. Equipped with over 150 sports modes, both sports smartwatches can automatically recognize eight sports, as well as supporting an advanced ‘Track Run mode’ to display professional lap running data.

The GTR 4 and GTS 4 provide ultra-accurate positioning and movement tracking, thanks to the industry-first dual-band circularly-polarized GPS antenna, built into both smartwatches. Additionally, the mini app ecosystem available to users has been further enriched with new apps, including the fitness-themed Weight Records and Calorie Intake Record apps – to help facilitate a comprehensive approach to health and fitness from the wrist. More mini apps will also be added soon.

To get started, visit How to connect adidas Running with Amazfit and follow the steps to complete the account link on the Zepp App, and enjoy joining an online community of sports lovers.

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