American Football Association Anounces Partnership with National Health & Wellness

The American Football Association is proud to announce a partnership with National Health & Wellness (NHW).

National Health & Wellness is a benefits company that will protect you on and off the field. They know the challenges and costs people face every day when it comes to protecting themselves and their family’s financial security after an accident, illness or disability.

We are proud to be offering the NHW Advantage Plans to all AFA Members and Colleagues. Whether you have health insurance, have health insurance but do not use it due to high cost of deductibles and co-pays, or if you simply don’t have health insurance right now, the NHW Advantage Plans have been created to help all of our members.

The AFA is constantly striving to provide the best for our members whether on/off the field and has partnered with NHW because of their innovative solutions to help our members. More to follow……..

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