Anthony Joshua Expands Business Empire with Pulseroll Investment

Heavyweight Champion of The World Joins Forces with Muscle Recovery Brand Pulseroll

Two Time Heavyweight Champion of the World and Olympic Gold Medallist, Anthony Joshua OBE, has invested in Manchester based percussion muscle therapy and recovery brand, Pulseroll.

Joshua, who has been using Pulseroll’s full range of vibration massage devices for nearly five years, will also join the company’s board of directors in an advisory capacity.

Joshua was first introduced to muscle recovery technology when he met Pulseroll Founder, Paul McCabe, during a fight camp in 2016. Since then, he has worked closely with his own medical team to fully understand the benefits of vibration therapy and is now rarely seen before or after training without the industry leading Pulseroll Mini Gun. He believes Pulseroll devices, and using them as part of his daily routine, have significantly improved his performance and recovery.

Physios and medical staff have identified Pulseroll devices as leading fitness and wellness recovery aids for athletes and exercise enthusiasts, with the products scientifically proven to help improve flexibility and blood circulation as well as relieving muscle spasms and easing chronic pain. Pulseroll devices are used by some of the country’s leading sports teams and organisations such as British Rowing, British Gymnastics, Norwich City FC and Middlesex CCC.

At the start of the COVID19 pandemic, Pulseroll produced an NHS Charities branded Massage Gun and supplied doctors and nurses in Manchester with products to help relax and relieve tension on their breaks. The company managed to raise thousands of pounds for the charity.

Pulseroll was founded by Paul McCabe in 2016, when he launched the UK’s first vibrating foam roller. Today the company offers seven vibrating massage devices retailing in some of the top retailers across the UK.

On the partnership, Joshua said;

“Joining the Pulseroll family as an investor and ambassador is just the start. I am looking forward to helping with the development of the next generation of recovery technologies. I’m always using the products even when I’m not training, so I know first-hand how they help me, day to day.”

“Of course, your muscles and body get pretty tired preparing for the next fight. I’m a firm believer that recovery is key to maintaining performance. I use all the products regularly, but I don’t go anywhere without my mini gun, which is so easy to carry around and use wherever, whenever.”

Pulseroll Founder, Paul McCabe said;

“Anthony Joshua joining Pulseroll is a total game changer for the business, and if I’m honest for me personally. I’ve followed AJ since the 2012 Olympics and I’m a huge boxing fan, but this partnership is not just because he’s the best boxer in the world, it’s about him as one of the best sporting role models.

“When we were chatting and he told me he’s been using our products for almost 5 years, even keeping the mini-gun in his car glove compartment, we had to get him involved and I couldn’t be prouder to welcome him to our Board as an investor and specialist advisor. It’s a dream come true and just the start of an exciting future for both of us as Pulseroll enters the next phase of growth.”

Pulseroll products include two sizes of massage gun, two foam rollers and two different shaped massage balls. All products are developed with built-in quiet noise technology and the intensity of the foam rollers and vibrating massage balls is managed through a remote control allowing for a much smoother process when changing the vibration speed.

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