Aqua Sphere acquires Zura Sports Inc

Aqua Sphere has acquired Ohio-based Zura Sports Inc, a maker of award-winning aquatic fitness products.

“Through this acquisition, Aqua Sphere ensures continued innovation in developing specialised products for specific consumers – including fitness swimmers and triathletes,” says Olivier Laguette, director of marketing for Aqua Sphere. “As the aquatic fitness market continues its growth, the time is right to add to our unparalleled line of products.”

In past years, aquatic fitness – including water walking, deep-water running and circuit training – was mostly done by older adults. Now people of all ages and athletic abilities, including professional athletes, are working out in pools to improve their strength and cardiovascular endurance and for rehabilitation. Statistics from the Aquatic Exercise Association shows that six million Americans workout in a pool, and participation has increased seven per cent over the last two years.

Zura Sports was founded in 1994 by Paul Reeder, an industrial designer and avid swimmer. The company’s first product was the multiple award-winning Speedray Kickboard, winner of the 1995 ‘Best of What’s New’ award from Popular Science magazine. Zura’s swim products have also won awards from ID Magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America; Reeder’s work has been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post and Business Week.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for the contributions Aqua Sphere has made to the swim industry,” says Reeder. “I believe they are the best partner for Zura’s product distribution and growth. I want more swimmers – whether they’re swimming for fitness, training and conditioning for a race, or rehabilitating from an injury – to have wider access to our products.”

The Zura product line will complement Aqua Sphere’s line of eye protection, wetsuits and fins and includes the Ergo Belt, Ergo Bells, Foot Floats, Stationary Swimmer, Alpha Fins, Ergo Board and Swim Gloves.

Zura Sports Inc has been converted to Aqua Sphere and the range will be available in its entirety from May. More information about the products can be found at

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