Aqua Sphere launches super resilient Repreve swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles

Aqua Sphere is launching an environmentally-friendly Repreve collection made from a new fabric.
The brand has cleverly combined world-leading Repreve recycled polyester yarn with PBT polyester yarn to create super-resilient, environmentally-friendly, swimwear which not only helps to save the planet but also delivers excellent chlorine resistance and UV50 sun protection.
Aqua Sphere is absolutely committed to supporting the global environment in its ongoing product development.
Repreve is a globally recognised eco-friendly fibre by UNIFI made from recycled plastic bottles, which is already used by major brands worldwide to create environmentally-friendly apparel and other products.
Stacey Langlois, marketing and swimwear manager for Aqua Sphere UK, said: “We are proud and excited to add Repreve to our collection and are delighted to have created such an innovative eco-friendly line with hard-working credentials as well as style.
“What’s more, we have deliberately not included a price premium for Repreve products as we really want to encourage as many active swimmers as possible to embrace and support our environmental message.
“Since Repreve was first introduced to the world, over four billion recycled bottles have been used to make quality recycled products and now that includes Aqua Sphere swimwear. Look out for it in good swim shops and online. ”
Now Aqua Sphere has become the first active swimwear brand to combine Repreve fibre with PBT to create long-lasting high performance garments with superb chlorine resistance and sun protection benefits.
Neither of these qualities will degrade over time as they are knitted into the garment.
Aqua Sphere’s Repreve garments are easily identifiable by their cool green lining as well as swing tags which detail how many plastic bottles have been recycled to create each garment (approximately six bottles in a women’s swimsuit).

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