ASICS athlete Iga Świątek is the new world number one tennis player

ASICS is proud to support Iga Świątek as she becomes number one in the world, a historic step in her career. Signing on with ASICS ranked 49 in 2019, Świątek quickly rose in the rankings to with key wins in early 2020. The year culminated with her first grand slam win in Paris.

Iga Świątek said: “It’s a surreal moment in my career and my life to reach #1 in the world. Having the support of my team, my family, fans and partners give me the confidence to know this is only the beginning. I’ve always suffered from foot and ankle injuries, but now since switching to ASICS in 2020, I can feel the difference. I know I can trust ASICS, and this helps me focus on my game. For me, the smart move was to come back to ASICS tennis for shoes and apparel. I look forward to a long partnership with ASICS.”

“We are thrilled Iga continues to choose ASICS tennis as her apparel and footwear partner. Her consistent performance on court and her status as a positive role model in sport, specifically mental health in sport makes us incredibly proud to support her as she continues her historic career,” said Tomoko Koda, managing executive officer, senior general manager, marketing division, ASICS Corporation

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