ASICS calls for new members to join its successful FrontRunner Community

ASICS FrontRunner has grown from strength to strength since its creation in Germany in 2010. This diverse influencer community across the globe champion sharing their own experiences of running to inspire more people to run and move, through the support of ASICS.

Encompassing members of all abilities, ASICS FrontRunner members promote the idea of enjoying exercise and inspiring people, plus supporting others along their own running journeys.

The ASICS FrontRunner community shares their passion, knowledge, training, fun and friendships offline to race days, run clubs and local communities, as well as online to their digital communities. Through engaging with the ASICS’ Sound Mind, Sound Body philosophy, members generated nearly 200,000 posts in 2017 reaching 16 million and resulting in 46 million likes.

The continually expanding global project is increasing the community from 500+ to 700+, with markets added to the program including Brazil, Dubai and USA (Boston). As well as building the new ASICS FrontRunner team, existing markets will also look to extend and strengthen the current roster.

The strength of the current ASICS FrontRunner team can be accredited to its diverse members who include a mixture of marathon runners, triathletes, ultra-runners, beginners and those who just run for the fun of it, but also diverse in terms of the mix of age, social status or background. All having the love of sport and enthusiasm to inspire in common.

Bjorn Hamacher, vice president marketing EMEA, said: “The ASICS FrontRunner community is about bringing people together who share the same love and passion for running. We want to be at the forefront of creating an engaged community that can help them grow as people and runners. ASICS’ new brand campaign ‘I MOVE ME’ also aims to bring people together and inspire them to be healthy and happy through movement.
“As a brand ASICS is perfectly positioned to lead the way with many years of experience in helping people to do just that. We aim to build a diverse network of runners across the globe, opening up borders, sharing experiences and telling their stories across social media.”

All applicants need to do to become a member of the team, is to demonstrate a strong passion for running, a desire to be part of the community and share their journey to inspire others along the way.

Each region will be captained by a team of ASICS experts who will bring together their experience to lead the community.

Runners can apply to join the ASICS FrontRunner community by visiting the following page:

Applications are now open and close on February 11, 2018. The announcement of successful applicants will be made on February 21, 2018.

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