ASICS injects FF Blast Turbo Technology to create a new “super” bouncy shoe – The Superblast

ASICS has announced a brand-new SUPERBLAST performance running shoe. Featuring the latest cutting-edge foam technologies, the newest addition to the popular Blast franchise takes its signature “bounce” to the next level to create a new “super” bouncy shoe to supercharge your everyday run.

The uniqueness of the shoe comes from the use of ASICS’ lightest and bounciest midsole foam FF BLAST TURBO. To date this technology has only been used on ASICS’ fastest running shoe – the METASPEED – currently the racing shoe of choice for many elite distance athletes. The SUPERBLAST shoe is for eager runners who want the thrill and excitement of the high energy return enjoyed by the elite athletes, turning their everyday run into an extraordinary experience.
For those looking for the comfort and protection ASICS is known for, the development team has found a way to increase bounciness without compromising the features of the Blast franchise ideal for everyday training. The combination of the FF BLASTTM PLUS foam as a lower midsole layer for generous, lightweight cushioning, minimizing the impact on the body, is one of the development team’s accomplishments, continuing ASICS’ longstanding commitment to human-centric design.

Other features of the shoe include the asymmetric mesh upper. Composed with specially created engineered mesh rendered with a two-toned colour palette, it creates aesthetically intriguing patterns for visual playfulness so there is an additional joy in every time a runner puts a pair of SUPERBLASTTM shoes on.

Chris Ekman, Manager of Product Management Dept., Performance Running Div., said: “The SUPERBLASTTM shoe is the newest character in our popular Blast series that will satisfies the growing desire of runners looking for benefits of super shoes – light and responsive – but with a better platform of support. Be ready to experience the abundance of bounciness which you will not expect from such a light shoe. With this shoe, you will feel like you are ‘bouncing along’ being your running companion to supercharge your everyday run. We hope that runners have a ‘blast’ of a time and enjoy the uplifting benefits for mind and body.”

The SUPERBLAST shoe weigh approx. 242g (size US9) and will become available for purchase on 1st December for CDN $280.

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