ASICS Proves “Movement for Mind” Breaks Improve Workers’ Mental Wellbeing

ASICS Proves “Movement for Mind” Breaks Improve Workers’ Mental Wellbeing
Results from one of the largest independent, randomised control trials proves the positive impact of movement on mental wellbeing.

ASICS releases the results of one of the largest independent trials proving that a simple, movement-based programme can meaningfully improve workers’ mental wellbeing. Those taking part in the ASICS Movement for Mind programme significantly improved their mental wellbeing on the internationally recognised Warwick-Edinburgh scale. ASICS is now making the programme available to everyone to help boost the wellbeing of the UK.

Unprecedented changes to working patterns over the past 18 months have led many people to work from home. And according to independent research1,, more than half (57%) of UK workers say they are more stressed than ever. Despite exercise being the first choice of UK workers to relieve stress, those working from home have become even more sedentary, moving 50% less than when in the office. 39% of workers admit to working longer hours when working from home and 25% take fewer breaks.

The scientific trial, led by world-renowned researcher Professor Brendon Stubbs, proves the impact of the simple, eight-week ASICS Movement for Mind programme where people walk or run for just 30 minutes, twice a week. The audio programme combines movement with other proven techniques to encourage connection to the body and the natural world. As well as significantly improving their mental wellbeing, those taking part in the programme also reported lower levels of anxiety, increased their daily step count and reduced their sedentary time, when compared to the control group.

Professor Brendon Stubbs, said, “There are many workplace wellness solutions out there. While well-intentioned, there is very little scientific evidence to prove these solutions are effective, or even avoid doing harm. In research terms, we applied the “gold standard” of a randomised control trial to ASICS Movement for Mind. This allows us to have confidence that the results are robust and clinically meaningful. The fact that the programme is so accessible makes the results very significant in terms of their wider impact in the future.”

Gary Raucher, Executive Vice President, ASICS EMEA said: “Most people know that movement is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. Yet the reality is that most desk-based workers hardly move at all. To address the stress epidemic we are facing, we think it’s time to rethink movement in the workplace through an approach that’s accessible, enjoyable, and crucially, proven to work. We hope exercise and movement breaks become the norm, so people can achieve a sound mind in a sound body.”

“As a company, we have championed the positive impact of sport on the body and the mind for over 70 years. It’s why we are called ASICS – it’s an acronym from the Latin, Anima Sana in Corpore Sano or a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.”

The eight-week ASICS Movement for Mind programme consists of two thirty-minute audio sessions per week. Participants can walk or run the sessions. Each week covers a different theme and ASICS worked with a team of experts to develop each session so the programme builds week by week.

ASICS Movement for Mind brings together simple, proven techniques and combines them with movement to create something varied and accessible. Introducing breathwork, mindful movement, Sophrology, connecting to nature, music and mindful meditation, the programme requires no previous experience or level of fitness to follow.

A full explanation of ASICS Movement for Mind, the experts behind it and links to the podcast version of the sessions is available here.

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