Back(ed) by popular demand: HindSight launch refreshed V2 glasses for improved style and safety

Innovative start-up brand HindSight are pleased to announce the launch of the V2 versions of their pioneering rear-view cycling sunglasses.

Launching on Kickstarter this week, the two new designs use enhanced proprietary rear-vision technology and feature all new aesthetics for improved style, functionality and fit. The new Artemis and Morpheus models are made of acetate for superior strength and weight, with frames available in Black, Clear and Tortoiseshell colours, and accompanying lens options including Red, Blue and Black.

Hindsight was co-founded by Olympic cyclist Callum Skinner and launched its original design on Kickstarter in 2020, raising over £100,000 whilst launching the product to market successfully.

Mark Beaumont, former professional cyclist and Guinness World Record holder, said: “The mirrored side sections if I’m riding around town make a massive difference in terms of my safety – I can just glance to the side, see through the lens, and safely ride forward while knowing exactly what’s behind me.”

Having had one too many incidences of almost being hit by overtaking traffic the idea was born.

“I thought that if every other road user, from cars to buses have rear view mirrors, why don’t cyclists? Why, in a world that considers it so important that cars are required to have mirrors by law, are cyclists, the most vulnerable road users without the luxury of seatbelts or airbags, left with no good options for rear vision? That is why we created HindSight glasses; we have integrated a rear-view mirror into our patented lenses. This enables the wearer to look behind them with a glance at the lens’ outer edge; quickly and safely checking if there are any vehicles coming up to overtake. The head can remain facing forwards and, in a split-second, wearers can see if it safe to move out or not,” said HindSight CEO Alex Macdonald.

HindSight glasses have been developed with Olympic Gold medal cyclist Callum Skinner but are designed for anyone from the commuter and casual rider to the full-on racers.

“HindSight is essentially for everyone in the same way that cycling should be. With HindSight glasses you can gain more information of your surroundings. You know what’s happening and you can make decisions based on that environment,” said Callum Skinner, Olympic Gold Medalist in Velodrome and HindSight Co-Founder.

“Now with the rise of rentable e-scooters, our glasses are ideal for anyone who is sharing the road with other vehicles. One of the biggest factors stopping people from cycling is worrying about their own safety, and specifically worrying about traffic, our glasses help to significantly reduce this worry.

Being able to see quickly and safely what is behind you, or overtaking you, is much safer than having to crane your neck around. By vastly reducing the blind spot we can improve cyclists’ safety and help to reduce the number of accidents. We want people to feel as safe as possible cycling, so it’s important to be seen, but also to see, and see properly,” added HindSight CEO Alex Macdonald.

To support HindSight on Kickstarter visit the following link for a special launch price.

Kickstarter Campaign

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