Beet It Sport renews Partnership with NN Running Team

The announcement that Beet It Sport will once again be official partner to the renowned NN Running Team, comes just ahead of team member Eliud Kipchoge’s attempt on the world record at the Berlin Marathon on September 16. Kipchoge is widely expected to challenge or even break the current WR of 2:02:57.

The brainchild of Global Sports Communication’s director Jos Hermens, the NN Running Team is one of the most innovative and ground-breaking developments in athletics, providing athletes with access to the best coaching, medical care, nutrition and athletic related services to improve their world class performance. In turn their profiles improve, allowing them to flourish into household names.

Joining Olympic champion Eliud, in the 60 strong team of world class distance runners, is all-time number two marathoner Kenenisa Bekele and Gold Marathon winner Geoffrey Kirui. The team consumes the Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 shot ahead of world class events to increase crucial marginal gains. Containing 400mg of natural dietary nitrate, the 7cl concentrated shot provides the optimum amount of nitrate required to boost sporting performance in one quick hit.

Research has shown that Beet It Sport supplementation enables athletes to exercise harder for longer, as they require less oxygen, or energy to maintain a given intensity of exercise. This ultimately increases the time taken to feel fatigued or to reach exhaustion.

Lawrence Mallinson, Managing Director of Beet It Sport commented: “Beet It Sport is the only beet supplement that delivers a standardised dose of natural dietary nitrate in a small concentrated beetroot juice shot – a reliable and consistent dose of natural dietary nitrate.”

Lawrence continued: “It is a great accolade to work with an organisation which nurtures such world class long distance runners and recognises the importance of good nutrition, including the scientifically proven benefit of natural nitrate. We’re looking forward to following the team and sharing their successes on Beet It’s social media platforms.”

Jochem Los, Director of Global Sports Communication, commented: “We are excited about teaming up with Beet It Sport once more, as it allows us to continue to offer the best support possible for our athletes, who benefit from Beet It Sport’s outstanding research and products. The NN Running team stands for excellence and innovation. We want to create the best conditions for our athletes so they can perform to the best of their abilities and this collaboration builds on that mission.”

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