Ben Clark solo cycling 35,000km around the world for charity

Ben Clark’s worldbybike is a 35,000km solo cycle adventure around the world in aid of ANDYSMANCLUB, a UK men’s mental health charity and support group.

Ben Clark, a seasoned PR and Partnerships professional in the wearable tech industry, is undertaking an extraordinary journey as he embarks on a 33-country and 35,000-kilometer solo bicycle tour around the world. Aptly named worldbybike, this ambitious expedition will take Ben through diverse landscapes, cultures, and challenges, all supporting #ANDYSMANCLUB, a UK mental health charity leading men’s mental health support network. The charity provides a safe space for men to come together, talk openly about their mental health struggles, and support one another through life’s challenges.

“I’ve always seen travel as more than just exploration; it’s a profound journey of self-discovery and growth. After countless adventures across Europe and the Americas, embarking on a solo cycling expedition around the globe felt like the ultimate challenge. Pairing this with supporting ANDYSMANCLUB, a charity close to my heart, not only allows me to push my limits but also sheds light on the crucial issue of mental health, and how exercise, particularly cycling can loosen that burden.

“Through this journey, I aim to inspire others to confront their challenges while raising essential funds for a cause that truly matters. And let’s not forget the added perk of indulging in guilt-free meals while experiencing the world in its raw, albeit sweaty, beauty!”

Ben aims to complete the trip within 24 months, before returning to the wearables and tech industry where he has previously held several positions at Garmin, COROS, mymo, and CORE/greenteg AG.

You can follow Ben’s journey via his blog, Strava, and Instagram, via the links on his homepage.

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