Benefits of SGIA Membership

Benefits of SGIA Membership
As experts in the sporting goods sector, we offer all our members a wide range of free or discounted business benefits and services tailored to the sector. From events & networking to human resources, industry data to support with marketing – our growing package of benefits can instantly cover the cost of membership and, over time, helps s our members to thrive.

Events and Networking
Our webinars and seminars are hosted by some of the leading professionals in their fields. , Members can tap into the latest industry knowledge and expertise with our unique programme of events. Covering a wide range of topics including HR, marketing, commercial legislation and much more, these exclusive events are invaluable assets to our members.

Member Forum
The Member Forum provides a unique opportunity for members to share ideas with peers, connecting the sports industry and supporting innovation and best practice. By promoting dialogue between members, the forum’s collaborative approach informs our industry objectives and strengthens our lobbying activities. Members have exclusive first access to the most up-to-date sector-specific content and market intelligence.

Other member benefits
• We are working with our members and UK Government to influence the EU-UK Free Trade Agreement in the matters that specifically affect the sports industry.
• Newsletters tailored to the sporting goods industry; members only receive relevant information that they might otherwise miss. No more searching for the most up-to-date industry news, members stay one step ahead with our free newsletters.
• Working closely with UK Government and our European and World Trade counterparts, we lobby on matters affecting the global sports and play industries.

If you are interested in becoming an SGIA member or learning more about the association, visit our website.

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