Berghaus aims high as trad climber Anna Taylor joins the team

British trad climber Anna Taylor has joined Berghaus’ team of sponsored athletes.

Anna, 21, is from the Lake District and has been climbing since the age of ten. She will represent the brand and help develop and test its next generation of high-performance outdoor clothing and equipment. Anna is also set to accompany fellow Berghaus athlete Leo Houlding and his team on a major expedition later this year.

Anna Taylor started out as a competition climber, but soon discovered that she preferred being outdoors and was attracted to the mental challenges presented by trad climbing. With this as her core focus, she became Neil Gresham’s training partner in 2016 and has gone on to chalk up an impressive list of routes.

Anna climbed her first E7 and flashed her first E6 aged 19, and has made the first female ascent of several routes graded from E6 to E8. In May this year, she climbed five E7 routes, including three in a week. Some of Anna’s notable climbs include: My Halo (E7 6b) in the Llanberis slate quarries, without the mid-height bolt; Obsession Fatale (E8 6b) at the Roaches; Disorderly Conduct (E8 6c) at Reecastle Crag; and the first ascent of Priceless (E7 6b) at Thrang Crags in Langdale last month.

Anna Taylor (pictured leading a route in Hodge Close Quarry in the Lake District) has her eyes on an exciting future with Berghaus

Anna’s reputation and profile has continued to grow in climbing circles. Last year, she was the focus of Al Lee’s film Just Anna, which featured in the Brit Rock film tour, and she will appear in future Gutsy Girls and Reel Rock film tours.

In November, Anna will be the sole female member of a team led by fellow Berghaus athlete Leo Houlding, on a climbing expedition to South America.

Berghaus has signed up Anna to expand its athlete team with emerging home-grown talent. As part of a wider strategy to refresh and highlight the pioneering spirit at its heart, the brand is supporting a new generation of bold individuals who will push the boundaries of modern mountaineering and exploration. As well as being an active brand ambassador for Berghaus, Anna will also play an important role as the company continues to improve and increase its range of women’s specific kit. Anna will work closely with the brand’s product team as it designs, develops and tests new high-performance outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment.

Kev McFadyen, brand director at Berghaus, said: “Anna is one of the most exciting young climbers in the UK trad scene, and we’re delighted to have her join the Berghaus team. Just like us, she has big plans for the future, and we look forward to supporting her adventures – starting this November with her trip to Guyana with Leo Houlding and Waldo Etherington.”

Trad climber Anna Taylor has joined the Berghaus team

Anna Taylor added: “I’m really happy to join the Berghaus team, as I agree with everything that the brand stands stand for, and the kit is great! It’s nice to be working with a company that promotes adventure and pushing your personal boundaries, as these are both aspects of life that I believe are very important. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with the product team to help Berghaus develop some even better gear for women, and then have the privilege of being among the first to put new designs to the test on some challenging climbs.”

To find out more about Berghaus and its team of athletes visit, and keep up to date with Anna Taylor’s adventures on Instagram by following @anna_taylor_98.

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