Black is top football boot colour for kids, claims new survey

Black is still the favourite football boot colour for children, a national survey of over-7-12-year-old players has revealed.

Despite the rise in professional players wearing multi-coloured boots, 26 per cent of children questioned nominated traditional black as their favourite colour.

The UK survey was conducted by Texaco as part of its ‘Teach Your Kids Proper Footy’ campaign, which supports the traditional values of the game over diving, coloured boots and arguing with referees.

And despite the growth in coloured football boots, it’s not just in the playground that black boots rule.

A leading football boot manufacturer has revealed that out of the 5.7 million pairs sold last year in the UK and Ireland 2.2 million pairs were black, while a survey conducted by Texaco among npower Championship clubs this year also showed that 35 per cent of players wear black boots.

Championship defender, Middlesbrough’s Tony McMahon, who wears classic black Puma King boots, says: “A lot of players wear multi-coloured boots, but I have always been a bit of a purist and stuck with my black boots.

“It’s what you do with your feet, not how they look.”

Texaco, the official motor fuel partner of the npower Championship, has set up a Facebook site at so you can have your say.

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