Body Fit Training launches new global community-focused fitness programme

This Saturday, 28th October, Body Fit Training (BFT), Australia’s fastest-growing fitness brand, is launching a new community focused fitness programme, CrewFit, across its 260+ global studios. The new programme aims to encourage BFT’s 60,000+ members to further build and strengthen the community and work together as a team to achieve a goal.

A high-energy and dynamic fitness programme, CrewFit has been designed to give members the opportunity to foster collaboration, nurture strong bonds, and harness the power of teamwork towards a shared objective. Complementing the existing 13 workout programmes, CrewFit is equal parts synergy and performance to improve endurance and efficiency through high-intensity cardio conditioning.

“CrewFit has been in the pipeline for a few years (since pre-Covid), originally ideated as a means to get some solid conditioning in whilst giving our cardio sessions a different feel,” said Sarah Nehme, BFT’s Programming and Education Manager. “The purpose was to really help strengthen the community aspect of studios, giving members the opportunity to work alongside each other, build some great relationships and utilise teamwork for a common goal. We’re really excited to launch a programme with a social focus, where members can develop relationships and work together. It’s different (and better)!”

Tried and tested with coaches across BFT studios for the past six months, including the UK, CrewFit will constantly evolve and be modified to ensure members are continually motivated and engaged throughout the 50-minute session. With teamwork being the main theme, the aim is for members to inspire and challenge each other and train with different members with similar abilities and conditioning to enhance their experience.

“Our members at BFT Leicester can’t wait to try out the new CrewFit programme and experience the high-energy session where teamwork is key. The workout will take our members community fitness focus to a new level they haven’t experienced before. Having trialled this internally with our other coaches, I can already see how much member engagement and enjoyment everyone will take from this programme. We have a great sense of camaraderie and fun in our studio in Leicester already, but with the addition of CrewFit, I feel this is going to ignite an even bigger team spirit and inspire our members to take ownership of their training and share their experiences with one another,” added Tommy Sizer, BFT Leicester’s Studio Manager.

“At BFT, we talk about being Different Better and are always innovating and looking for new ways to keep our members involved and reaching their goals. Our new CrewFit programme does exactly this – a conditioning workout that is all about teamwork, allowing our members to stretch themselves and be challenged in so many ways. CrewFit has been a long time in the making, but we now feel our members are ready to embrace change and have even more fun. We’re so happy that every one of our members will now get the chance to take part in our team-based cardio session, forming an even stronger tight-knit fitness community than before,” said Cameron Falloon, BFT’s Founder.

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