Body Machine: Europe’s first authentic licensed TRX studio opens in London

Body Machine Performance Studio (BMPS), the first authentic licensed TRX training facility in Europe and second in the world only, has opened its doors on London’s Kensington High Street.

Occupying three floors, the 7,400 square foot premises also consists of a SpinAddikts indoor cycling studio, 1-1 personal training studio and gluten-free cafe.

TRX, acronym for Total-Body Resistance Exercise, was invented by former US Navy SEAL troop commander Randy Hetrick and is known for its ability to activate and strengthen your core, improve muscular endurance, strength and increasing flexibility.

Dr Frances H Mikuriya, founder and director of Body Machine, who is a TRX Black Rank Certified Coach and founder of SpinAddikts, identified a gap in the UK fitness industry early on.

She said: “When I first encountered TRX in 2012, it was relatively unknown in the UK. I bought my first pair of TRX straps and took the only available course in the country at the time; an online basics course.

“As a frequent visitor to the original TRX Training Centre in San Francisco, I realised that a TRX purpose-built facility would benefit London and decided to bring the same level of expertise in coaching to the UK.”
Mikuriya, who is one of the top personal trainers in the UK as well as a trained architect, was able to draw upon her expertise in both fields in creating one of the most unique performance studios now open in London.

She said: “The architectural design of the space echoes our training method. At BMPS we focus on performance-based training that achieves optimal results, without fads or gimmicks. The space is intentionally built with no necessary ornamentation: pure functional elements combined with the best machines – our TRX straps, Schwinn AC power bikes and PT equipment.”

Rather than following the recent trend of working out in neon lights and darkness, the design maximises the presence of the 3-metre high windows overlooking High Street Kensington to bring in natural light.
On combining TRX with SpinAddikts, the pioneer private indoor cycling class which Mikuriya founded in London in 2004, she added: “Both training methods are my passion and they are the perfect combination, because they are very different workouts yet both help triathletes, cyclists, runners and fitness enthusiasts of all levels to achieve their goals in a safe and measured way with proven results.”

A wide variety of classes are offered to suit all ages and abilities, ranging from TRX Strength, Power, Mobility and Stretch sessions to SpinAddikts Basics, Endurance and Interval classes and even specially designed TRX and SpinAddiktsclasses for teens aged 12+.

On a regular basis, Body Machine will be hosting talks and workshops by specialists in the fitness, sports, nutrition and health industries, details of which will be shared on the website and social media channels (@bodymachineps).

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