Bodybuilding icon Kai Greene discusses creating his own superhero to overcome childhood trauma

Kai Greene, 2016 Arnold Classic Winner and Reign Total Body Fuel ambassador, has described the experience of growing up in foster care and channelling his childhood rage to become one of the most renowned bodybuilding athletes of all-time.

The three-time Mr Olympia runner-up explains the process of being a young man on the brink of despair, to one of the most inspirational athletes of his generation. He touches on the importance of mentors within the institutional system that allowed him to develop his discipline and reach his full athletic potential.

“Institutional living was a nightmare. But doing push-ups was a quiet victory,” said Greene. “The therapeutic benefit of exercise, positive hormone releases…you don’t know any of that at the time… but I just felt better. That was something I was able to control.”

The creation of his own superhero, King Kai, has been the subject of discussion for many years, but Kai credits this as one of the most potent drivers in his physical and mental development. Now in a raw documentary with performance energy drink partner Reign Total Body Fuel, Greene details the process which bodybuilding has had on his life, where bodybuilding sat with regards to the bettering of his mental health.

The film explores Greene’s turbulent childhood feelings and his eventual ascent from a troubled young man to a bodybuilding icon. To reach the heights he has, Kai overcame childhood instability and debilitating battles with his mental health – all of which have seen an awe-inspiring transformation into one of the most dedicated athletes of all time.

The 46-year-old, from Brooklyn, New York has long been credited as one of the finest bodybuilders in history – in addition to being 2010 and 2016’s Arnold Classic winner, Greene also placed first at the 2008 and 2011 New York Pro Championship. For three consecutive years, between 2012 and 2014, placed second in the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition and is widely regarded as the finest bodybuilder never to win the competition.

The documentary is the second feature in a three-part series by Reign Total Body Fuel as part of their #ReadyToReign campaign – a series that focuses on the inspirational stories of top-class athletes from unlikely backgrounds.

#ReadytoReign is a mindset and sets out to show that anything is possible – embodying Reign’s brand ethos of pushing harder, driving yourself further and never letting up until you reach your goal.

The Kai Greene documentary is available to view here.

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