BodyPower takes a stake in Tropicana

BodyPower Holdings Ltd has announced the partial acquisition of Eliya Supplements Limited (Tropicana) in a strategic move that incorporates two Midlands-based businesses with clear synergy and growth potential.
Tropicana, based in Sutton Coldfield, are a market-leader with an enviable reputation. The wholesale business was established over 35 years ago and is the one of the largest providers of sports supplements in the UK.
Tropicana has a long term strategic view to provide their customers with the very best service and deals on a portfolio of over 2,000 sports nutrition and functional food products. BodyPower’s involvement will mean they jointly run Tropicana’s flourishing digital outlets such as,, and
Tropicana CEO Stephen Ford said: “We’re very excited about the partnership with BodyPower and we know that our key partners will also welcome this move. The sports nutrition market has changed a lot over recent years and we see a gap for a supplement retailer that not only offers a good deal, but also educates and advises customers on the right products to help them reach their health and fitness goals.”
The move represents further expansion of BodyPower, a company which was inaugurated in 2009 primarily as an events organisation. The move to acquire a stake in Tropicana means the global fitness media business now incorporates live events, clothing, sports supplements, merchandise and a Dedicated by BodyPower Eau de Toilette.
BodyPower CEO and founder Nick Orton commented: “Tropicana is a brand we’ve collaborated with over the past few years in the organisation and delivery of events like BodyPower and Leisure Industry Week. They have consistently turned over millions of pounds over three decades of operation and stock the most recognisable and commercially attractive brands available anywhere. Certainly, from an ecommerce point of view they are one of the leading retail sites in the UK.
“Whilst I’m keen to acknowledge the successes of Tropicana in the past I’ve commissioned this acquisition to drive further growth and success in the future. BodyPower is a brand people trust, and the conclusion of this purchase brings significant benefits both to current Tropicana retailers and, likewise, our own customers.”
BodyPower has consistently broadcast a desire to grow the fitness bubble in the UK and Europe, as well as playing an integral role in developing industry infrastructure in India. The expansion into sports supplements is a notable increase in influence for BodyPower in the UK market, and it will certainly appeal to the hundreds of exhibitors involved in the flagship BodyPower Expo UK event at the NEC, Birmingham.
Plans are already underway for a large retail outlet in the expo itself that will be open to exhibitors to generate additional income from and, ultimately, it will give both current and potential clients another route to market in the UK.
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