Bollé collaborates with ski champion Alexis Pinturault

Bollé and winter sports have had a close bond since 1960, when the brand launched its first ski goggles and started to equip top ski champions.

Since then, the brand has always collaborated with a strong team of top winter sports athletes seduced by the performance of the products and Bollé’s unique spirit.

Following this long-lasting tradition of supporting Excellence, the brand is more than proud to announce its collaboration with one of the best skiers in the world, Alexis Pinturault.

The impressive French Champion will compete for the next four seasons with Bollé ski goggles, ski helmets and sunglasses, joining a strong team including his teammate in the French National Team, Tessa Worley.

Alexis Pinturault’s name is more than well-known in the winter sports world: exceptionally versatile, the nicknamed “Beast” competes in Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill, and achieved the 3rd place in the World Cup Overall three times in a row (in 2014, 2015 and 2016). Winning a silver medal in the Combined event and a bronze medal in the Giant Slalom in Korea, Alexis Pinturault is one of the world’s top skiers. The champion has also broken another famous record: he has beaten Jean-Claude Killy’s record and has become the French skier with the highest number of World Cup victories (46 podiums including 21 wins).

Both the excellent relationship with the brand and the quality of Bollé’s products and technologies have led to this partnership.

Pinturault said: “I am truly happy to start a collaboration with a brand with such a strong history as Bollé. I have known the brand for a long time, and after trying the products I really feel at ease with them. Either in terms of look or performance, they perfectly fit my needs.”

Gernot Trebsche, vice president Adventure Protection, said: “We couldn’t be happier to welcome Alexis Pinturault to Bollé’s athlete team. It is a proud achievement for a brand to be the choice of champions such as Anna Veith, Tessa Worley, David Wise or Pierre Vaultier, and a demonstration that our products offer more than a promise – they can really be trusted, and at the highest level.”

Alexis Pinturault has already started to discuss with the team on a pro model goggle project.

He added: “This is quite new for me and I am excited to participate in the creation of a new product!”

This new product will be ideally launched for Winter 2019-2020.

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