Brooks Running Company Unveils First Personalized Performance Running Shoe

Limited-edition Brooks Genesys will be the first performance running shoe created based on an individual’s unique biomechanics

SEATTLE – May 23, 2017 – Brooks Running Company announced the Brooks Genesys—the company’s first personalized running shoe— will become available for runners in the U.S. in early 2019. Genesys is the first running shoe created based on an individual’s unique biomechanics captured using HP Inc.’s innovative FitStation powered by HP. The shoe will be available nationwide through select retail partners in early 2019 and available globally soon after the U.S. launch.

“At Brooks we are focused on developing industry-leading innovations that deliver the best experience for runners. To achieve this vision, we continue to invest in in-depth biomechanics research and partnerships with key industry leaders,” said Brooks senior vice president of global footwear, Patrick Pons de Vier. “We believe the future of performance running is personalization, and the Brooks Genesys is the first step in delivering this experience to runners.”

The process begins with the runner getting scanned using FitStation powered by HP. Through a series of data captures—including 3D foot scans, dynamic gait analysis and foot pressure measurements—FitStation creates a unique digital profile of the individual based on their biomechanics. To create a personalized Genesys for each runner, Brooks combines the runner’s digital profile with the company’s Run Signature principles, which indicate the best way to enhance comfort and improve performance is to create running footwear that works with the runner’s natural motion path of his or her body. The resulting data is translated into specific fit and feel requirements for each shoe and assembled using a state-of-the-art DESMA polyurethane injection-molding machine.

Brooks will launch Genesys in the U.S. with 1,914 limited-edition pairs which will be available via special order through select retail partners.

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