Burton McCall to distribute Aladdin & Stanley brands in UK & Eire

Burton McCall is the new distributor of Pacific Market International’s food and beverage brands, Aladdin and Stanley, in the UK and Eire.

“We are extremely enthused about this new partnership with Burton McCall,” says PMI president and CEO, Rob Harris.

“Their market penetration with compatible brands gives them the ability to leverage their market presence and experience at retail for the benefit of our customers.

“This allows us to focus on what we are good at – brand building and the creation of new, innovative products for the marketplace.”

Steve Davey, managing director of Burton McCall, says he’s delighted to take on the Stanley and Aladdin brands, and believes they will add considerable value to Burton McCall’s existing brand portfolio.

“One of our major considerations when working with partner companies is compatibility of brand positioning,” says Davey. “Burton McCall is associated with well-known global brands that are leaders in their categories. Any product or brand we consider must be at this level.

“PMI’s Aladdin and Stanley brands are, and we look forward to playing our part in their continued success within the UK.”

As a result of the partnership, PMI will be closing its UK subsidiary company located in Hemel Hempstead.

“It is with great sadness that we close the UK office,” says Harris.

“We have many loyal employees who have worked hard to build the Aladdin and Stanley brands in the UK market. I am proud of what they have accomplished in establishing a foundation that will live on in this market.

“Partnering with Burton McCall and working within the distribution model already in place gives us the ability to focus on our core strengths in product innovation, while leaving distribution to a partner better positioned to maximise brand penetration and growth.”

To aid the transition, Burton McCall’s area sales managers will contact all existing stockists over the coming weeks. John Wilkins, managing director of PMI UK, will remain on as a consultant for Burton McCall throughout the handover process.

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