Caplan in tuk-tuk charity race

Tom Caplan, sponsorship manager of the Sport Industry Group, has been persuaded by his Canadian cousin Ben to join him in an epic adventure travelling from Kathmandu, Nepal to Pondicherry, India in June. And to add an interesting twist to proceedings, the pair will be racing in a tuk-tuk against around 50 other groups. With no set route to follow, no back-up support and no flushing toilets for their sensitive behinds, it should be an amazing experience!

So why are the pair crossing India in a tuk-tuk dodging holy cows, fighting off angry elephants and befriending downright neighbourly lemurs in the height of the Indian rainy season? For charity, of course. They are raising money for two fantastic charities – the Frank Water Project ( and the Mercy Corps (

If you would like to donate and help Tom and Ben raise a lot of money for these worthy causes visit

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