CASIO releases lightweight G-SHOCK delivering support for multiple sports

Casio has announced the latest addition to the G-SHOCK Move series of watches – with the strength and functionality to enhance workouts -the GBDH2000.
As a successor to the GBDH1000, this new watch has updated design and technology features, including multi-sport functionality with an additional sixth sensor, tracking different elements to support users across a wide range of activities from running to biking to swimming and gym workouts.

The enhanced capabilities of the GBDH2000 cover the bases when it comes to improving your fitness level and training performance. An optical sensor measures changes in blood flow to detect heartrate using LED light, an accelerometer that tracks steps, and a gyroscope that identifies swim strokes, turns, and more. Magnetic, pressure, and thermo sensors track compass bearing and temperature, along with altitude and barometric pressure, perfect for those who wish to participate in outdoor movement. With a simple touch of a button, users are able to enter one of many activity modes to track and display a variety of workout measurements in real-time such as energy used, pace, calories burned, and type of calories used per activity, right on the watch.

To ensure users are getting the most support from the GBDH2000, smartphone connectivity to the Casio Watches app allows users to take advantage of the easy-to-understand display of daily activity tracking, activity logs, and life logs. Through POLAR®, a database that is known for heart rate-focused training analysis, users can also see an analysis of their sleep and be provided with breathing exercises that further improve overall health from a holistic viewpoint. This not only improves exercise performance and a health-conscious lifestyle, but it also helps to keep users motivated and exercising efficiently and effectively with scientifically supported, highly reliable analytical results.

Designed with comfort in mind, the G-SHOCK MOVE features textured side buttons, a band with a wide range of motion, built-in GPS antenna, carbon-reinforced resin back, and a thinner rechargeable battery making it smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than ever. At a mere 63g, the GBDH2000 is 38% lighter than its predecessor. Pulling inspiration from sports gear design, the watch’s dual-layer frame helps mould the shape and colour components, while the bezel and band are formed from biomass plastic, an eco-friendly and renewable material that helps reduce the ecological footprint. Supporting healthy lifestyles means protecting the natural environment in which we live, as well.

Additionally, the GBDH2000 has both solar-assisted charging and USB charging. Solar-assisted charging supports time display, even when the battery is running low, and USB charging assists training functions including GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring, as well as smart functions like notifications and step tracker.

The new timepiece comes equipped with G-SHOCK technology including:

• Shock Resistance
• 200M Water Resistance
• Super Illuminator LED Backlight
• 4 daily alarms and auto Calendar
• 1/100th sec. Stopwatch (100 Hr)
• 1 sec., 60 min. Timer (24 Hr)
• World Time (38TZ, 38Cities + UTC) up to 300 with the app
• Date/month display swapping
• Multi-lingual day of week display (En, Es, Fr, Ge, It, and Ru)

The G-SHOCK GBDH2000 is available in two colourways, the GBDH2000-1A and the GBDH2000-1A9.

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