Celebrities That Invest in Esports

A few decades ago, the concept that one day you can turn your passion for sitting in front of a screen, mashing buttons together into fame, and fortune, was unfathomable.
But it’s happened and esports annual revenues have climbed to over $1 billion. Of course, this is peanuts compared to revenues from the video game industry which are expected to reach $230 billion by 2022, and the online gambling sphere, which is supposed to hit $88 billion by 2024. In fact, it’s online casinos that might reign supreme in the end.
Even though online gambling still isn’t legal everywhere, the numbers this industry manages to put up are impressive, as legislation loosens up, the figures will only rise.

And, it’s easy to see why people like to play online casino games. It’s not just great graphics and advance animations that make these games fun, it’s also the perks.
Research has shown that the fans of online casino games are also massive fans of betting, which is why one of the perks that you can enjoy now is playing at a site that provides you with both of these services. So, when you visit, you can bet on sports, but the site also has a casino platform where you can enjoy the best games on the market responsibly.

However, celebrities don’t usually invest in casinos, it’s bad for image, but plenty do in Esports and here’s a few.

Shaquille O’Neal
Shaq is no stranger to gaming endeavors. Shaq Fu, anyone? The most dominant center in basketball history now turned TV pundit has focused his attention and money on competitive gaming organizations.
Shaq today has gone into a few investment ventures including esports organization NRG, where he, alongside partners raised $15 million. The team’s major asset is San Francisco Shock, which is part of the Overwatch League. O’Neil is very hands-on and he’s using his image and star-appeal to help the business grow.

Tony Robbins
A man you want to turn to if you need life-advice or tips for a successful career. Robbins is probably the most well-known self-help personality, well, ever. And with a net worth of about $500 million, he has a lot to show for it.Which is likely why he had no problem spending some of his wealth on Netherlands-based Team Liquid, and investing in the venture with people like AOL co-founder Steve Case, Mandalay CEO Peter Guber, and basketball legend Magic Johnson.

Ashton Kutcher
While you might have met Ashton through your screen, on a little program called That ‘70s Show, you might not know that this actor that use to play a dim-witted character on TV is now a successful venture capitalist.
Proving that he has a sense for it, investing in companies such as Airbnb and Skype. Recently he has forwarded his money into growing Unikrn, a cryptocurrency esports betting platform.

As not to leave out musicians off our list here’s one of the biggest ones. Canadian rapper Drake is known for producing hits, classics like Worst Behavior and Too Much, well, now, he’s making financial moves too.
After becoming co-owner of the Esports team 100 Thieves in 2018, a year later, Drake made a significant investment into Player’s Lounge, a gaming and betting platform.

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