CEP UK & Ireland launches new “Nighttech” sock range

Premium compression brand CEP UK & Ireland announces the launch of their brand new Nighttech sock range.

As the days get shorter and the evenings draw in, it is especially important for athletes to ensure they remain safe and visible. Featuring eye-catching and reflective coloured dots on the back of the calf, the CEP Nighttech Socks are designed in a way to help promote better visibility for athletes that train in the dark.

Available in three bright colours, and either as a calf sleeve or long sock version, they promote optimum recovery and performance thanks to targeted medi compression technology. A close-fitting foot section also guarantees ultimate comfort and blister-free running.

Matt Davey, Brand Manager of CEP UK & Ireland says, ‘we are excited to launch our CEP Nighttech Socks and Calf Sleeves, and are confident that they will become popular additions to our product range. When training at night it is important that athletes remain as visible as they possibly can, and these are the perfect products to ensure they stay safe and noticeable, whilst also benefiting from our medi compression technology to maximise their performance and recovery.”

The CEP Nighttech range is now available to purchase via the CEP UK & Ireland website: and through selected CEP Pro retailers.

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